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Side Effects Of Lysine

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Lysine The building blocks of proteins are amino acids and lysine is one such important compound that the body must obtain from food or supplements. Like all things we consume, an excess amount of lysine can be harmful and cause side effects that are best avoided. The fact that lysine is present in good amounts in meat, poultry, milk and lentils means that a well nourished individual will not be deficient in this important amino acid. However high ingestion of lysine is one of the side effects of protein powder supplements that are taken without good reason. The  repercussions that the body experiences on an overdose of lysine is described in the blog below.


Negative Effects Of Lysine Supplementation


  • Diarrhea- Loose stools and stomach pain are common when an excess of lysine is taken. It reaches the intestines and is fermented by bacteria which break it down and release offending gases.


  • Hypercalcemia- When lysine and calcium supplements are taken together, it results in increased absorption of calcium by the body and high levels of this mineral in the blood. This condition is called hypercalcemia and can cause an abnormal heart rhythm and eventually, cardiac failure.


  • Gall Stones- The presence of excess amounts of the amino acid in the blood can increase an individual's risk of painful gall stones. In severe cases it can become a medical emergency.


  • Kidney Damage- In people whose kidney function is already compromised, too much lysine means the chance of further damage to this vital organ. To prevent this, kidney patients should take protein supplement only on a doctor's advice.


  • Liver Damage- When one is suffering from liver disease, it is prudent to avoid lysine supplements. This is because the liver is unable to maintain a normal balance of this amino acid in the blood which can become toxic to the body.


Lysine is available in the form of tablets, powders and liquids and is commonly prescribed as one of the supplements for herpes and body building. This trend encourages overuse which is obviously dangerous. Talk to your health care provider for any queries regarding this supplement in order to remain safe and healthy.  


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Side Effects Of Lysine