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Side Effects Of Glutamine

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Pills on a spoonThe most abundant of the 20 amino acids present in nature is glutamine. Even though the glutamine health benefits are many, an excess of it should never be consumed if one wants to avoid the side effects that can be potentially dangerous. This supplement is promoted for bodybuilding, weightlifting and other sports that need endurance and physical strength. This has caused it to be very popular among fitness buffs who many a times overdose on it. This does more harm than good. This blog below will describe the side effects and dangers of glutamine supplementation.


Negative Effects of Excess Glutamine


  • Tumor Growth- When this amino acid is used alongside chemotherapy drugs, it can interact negatively with the tumor and in certain cases promote the growth of the cancerous cell mass. This is definitely a serious concern and should be discussed with your doctor.


  • Increased Seizures- In individuals who are already suffering from epilepsy, high amounts of glutamine can increase the nerve signals in the brain. This accelerates the frequency and number of seizures and makes treatment difficult.


  • Gastrointestinal Symptoms- They include nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps that cause discomfort and reduce appetite. Although their intensity is often mild, an overdose of glutamine that causes this, is best avoided.


  • Kidney Disease- When kidney function is impaired, it has to work harder than normal to maintain the balance of proteins in the blood. An excess of glutamine in this condition adds on extra stress to the kidney and may damage it eventually.


  • Allergic Symptoms- Many people have reported difficulty in breathing, skin rashes and swelling of face, hands or feet after they have taken excessive glutamine. Even though this is rare, it can be fatal in many individuals.


However popular glutamine supplementation may be, its side effects are for real. Always look for warnings about weight gain supplements like glutamine on the food labels for your own safety.


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Side Effects Of Glutamine