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Diet Tips For Vegetarian Breastfeeding Mothers

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Breastfeeding momA breastfeeding mom requires more than the normal quantity of nutrients as she is also responsible for fulfilling the dietary needs of her newborn child. Vegetarian moms need extra nourishment from plant sources since they cannot get the required nourishment from animal sources particularly protein.  Here are some dietary tips for vegetarian breastfeeding mothers. Read on to know more.






General Diet Tips For Vegetarian Lactating Moms:


  • You need extra energy in order to meet your requirements during lactation. Lower levels of energy may make you tired and enough nourishment would not reach your child.
  • According to US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Information Center(USDA) an additional allowance of 500 calories in the first six months and 400 calories in the next six months would be required to ensure adequate milk production.



  • Protein is another major nutrient required by breastfeeding moms and inadequate protein supply would hinder milk production and also interfere with proper growth of your babies.
  • An additional allowance of 15g of protein is recommended for lactating moms’ up to 6 months and additional 12g of protein is recommended from 6 to 12 months.
  • The major vegetarian sources of protein are milk and milk products, egg, nuts, legumes, pulses etc.


Vitamins And Minerals:

  • Lactating women have a high risk of depleting their reserves of vitamins and minerals.
  • The vitamin and mineral content of breast milk depends on the mother's intake or stores. Vitamins like A,D,B complex, folic acid etc and minerals like calcium, iron etc are highly required and so must be adequately supplied through nutrient dense foods.



  • At least 8 cups of water per day is required during lactation to avoid dehydration and it would be better to have a glass of water each time you feed your baby.
  • In addition to water, fluids like fruit juices, broths, milk, herbal teas and vegetable soups are recommended.


Other Tips:

  • Limit the consumption of caffeine rich foods and beverages, such as coffee, soda etc.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and self-medication.
  • Exercising in moderate levels is advisable. Research has proved that moderate aerobic exercise has no adverse effect on breastfeeding, and it considerably improves the cardiovascular fitness of lactating mothers.
  • Sleep well and get adequate rest.


Following the above mentioned dietary tips would help in ensuring  adequate nutrition when breastfeeding in spite of your eating habits. Consult your healthcare provider before taking supplements or attempting new  foods in order to avoid undesirable effects.


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Diet Tips For Vegetarian Breastfeeding Mothers