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Diet Plan For A Stay At Home Mom

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Stay at home momFor a stay at home mom it is important to follow a nourishing diet plan so that she is able to fulfill all her duties at home and while staying fit and healthy. Like all women calcium and iron needs are the most important and foods that are rich in these elements should be stressed upon. Keeping the fat content minimal is equally helpful to prevent unnecessary weight gain and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This blog below emphasizes on a day to day healthy eating plan for a stay at home mom. Take a look!


1. Early Morning


Sufficient fluids first thing in the morning is very hydrating and especially useful when one is suffering from constipation. It can be the following-

  • Hot water with honey and lemon

  • Tea/ Coffee/Milk

  • 2- 3 low fat biscuit


2. Breakfast


Many moms tend to skip their breakfast as they have a busy morning sending off children to school and completing their chores. Breakfast is very important as it gives much needed energy after a night of fast. A nutrient dense meal is recommended.

  • Wheat flakes/ Pancake/ Brown rice porridge/ All bran muffins

  • Fruit

  • Low Fat Milk


3. Lunch

chicken pasta

A stay at home mom has sufficient time to plan and execute a well balanced meal. Lunch should be a combination of complex carbohydrates and good quality protein. Adding vegetable and greens give iron and water soluble vitamins. A serving of low fat dairy ensures adequate calcium.

  • Egg roll/ Chicken pasta/ Rice and lentils

  • Stir fried vegetables/ Salad

  • Buttermilk or yogurt.


4. Tea Time

Boiled corn

Eating a small snack at this time ensures that hunger pangs are not too much during dinner time when there is a greater tendency to overeat. Fruits, vegetable and pulses are good options. Keep away from biscuits, chips and carbonated beverages.

  • Mix fruit bowl

  • Boiled or sprouted pulses

  • Handful of roasted nuts

  • Corn and vegetable stir fry


5. Dinner

Egg and rice

A study showed that many women overeat this meal after a long and tiring day at home. Also to prevent wastage of food they eat the extra food even when full. This done regularly leads to weight gain which is noticed at the end of the year. A light meal rich in fiber should be eaten for dinner. This prevents heartburn that is a common complain at night.

  • Whole meal bread/ Vegetable rolls/ Rice

  • Grilled chicken/ Boiled or scrambled eggs

  • Vegetable salad

  • Fruit smoothie/ Handful of dry fruits


Follow the above diet plan and exercise regularly to maintain an appropriate body weight and ward off diseases. Remember that a healthy mom means a healthy family.


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Diet Plan For A Stay At Home Mom