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Miss Australia Asks You To Go On Earth Diet

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Earth Diet 1When a beauty queen asks you to go on Earth Diet, you listen carefully and try to follow, right? Well, forget the follow up part, but listen, you sure can. The beauty queen in question is former Australia Miss Earth, Liana Werner Grey, who is now a Hollywood actor as well as a health activist. The last one may sound like a misfit in the many crowns that Grey is wearing but that is what this blog is about.


1) Grey’s Diet Plans


Grey has developed the Earth Diet plan herself and it includes consuming fruits and juices only, as well as undergoing natural therapies. The diet plan involves no pharmaceuticals or chemicals. Liana is at present involved in charitable work through her NGO, Alive. It is under this responsibility too that she is advocating a natural diet, which, she insists, is capable of keeping diseases like cancer at bay. Grey says, “We don't need anything to kill cancer, if we maintain a natural diet like having beet root juice everyday, cancer wouldn't survive in our body as beet root is very healthy for our body. Various eatables like cereal, ginger, sugarcane, carrot etc are really good for health and should be eaten daily.”


2) The Support


Her Earth Diet has support of various medical practitioners as well as Grey claims, “We have many doctors supporting us as well in our cause who believe in doing away from chemical medicines. We are running our campaign not just against cancer, but this diet has the power to cure many other serious diseases as well like depression and diabetes etc.” She calls the Earth Diet an “investment for life” and appeals to everyone to “spend on good food and live healthy instead of spending huge sums of money on medical treatments.”


3) The Earth DietEarth Diet 2


This diet is basically about losing weight while still enjoying your favorite foods. But the original purpose of going on the Earth Diet is to eat naturally available food. The diet offers options to everyone, whether carnivores, herbivores, rawists, or fruitarians. The diet works on three principles, which are:-

  1. Reduce the intake and exposure of chemicals so that the liver can function more effectively.
  2. Focus should be on raw food because raw food nourishes human body and lessens your cravings for fatty and sugary foods.
  3. Cleansing the body by flushing out toxins, which also help the body lose weight.


4) Sample Recipes for Earth Diet


The Earth Diet is for everybody, whether you love meat, veggies, or raw foods. Here are some sample recipes that you can follow while on this diet:-

  1. Vegetarian Earth Diet – Mexican rice and beans with avocado, Roasted sweet potato salad, Apple crumble, Buckwheat pancakes with Maple syrup.
  2. Meat Earth Diet – Chicken with peanut sauce, Honey glazed salmon, Lime salad with salmon, Caramel prawns, pancakes with egg omelet.
  3. Raw Earth Diet – Pasta pesto with zucchini, Raw pizza. Raw ice cream, Raw donuts, Raw brownies.
  4. Fruit Earth Diet – Smoothies, Fruit soups/salads/cups.


In case of information on the large variety of foods allowed under this diet, you can visit their website too. Well, it is Miss Australia asking you to go on the Earth Diet in the following video. Hear her out and take your own decision. And if you cannot do this diet, there is a less stringent option to save environment - that of adopting green cooking.

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Miss Australia Asks You To Go On Earth Diet