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Diet Plan For A Working Woman

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Working womanA good diet plan for a working woman is one that is well balanced and contains all the vital nutrients that are essential for good health. It must also be easy to follow and not very time consuming to prepare. A flexible plan that includes a variety of different foods from all food groups is well accepted. Calcium, iron protein and carbohydrates are needed in sufficient amounts so that a working woman has enough energy for having a fruitful day at work. Let us look at one such day to day healthy eating plan for working women. 






1. Early Morning

Graham crackers

A small early morning snack gives sufficient energy to start the day. Go for a high carbohydrate and low fat food.

  • Tea, coffee or milk is a good option. Always use skimmed milk for the low fat content.

  • Whole wheat crackers.


2. Breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Eating a regular breakfast keeps a woman’s metabolism charged up and prevents unwanted weight gain. It should be a combination of one carbohydrate and one protein group. Adding a fruit will meet vitamin and mineral requirements. It is important to eat this meal as early in the day as possible.

  • Whole wheat pancakes/ wheat flakes/ multigrain bread sandwich/ oatmeal porridge.

  • Any whole fruit with skin on wherever possible.

  • 1 cup milk.


3. Lunch

Healthy lunch

Lunch should never be skipped in a hurry. It should have plenty of protein and raw vegetables that will add on to the fiber requirements. Eating only carbohydrates will leave one feeling sleepy and lethargic. Adding a dairy product means plenty of calcium for strong bones.

  • Brown rice risotto/ whole grain egg or chicken sandwich/ wheat pasta with mixed vegetables.

  • A raw vegetable or fruit salad.

  • 1 cup yogurt or 1 glass buttermilk.


4. Tea


Choosing a healthy snack is very important. A snack in the evening reduces hunger pangs and keeps sugar levels stable. Sugary and fried snacks may fill you up but they are devoid of essential nutrients. A light low calorie, non processed snack is preferred.

  • Healthy wheat biscuits

  • Boiled sweetcorn or sprouts.

  • Boiled or baked sweet potatoes.

  • Oil free popped corn.


5. Dinner


Many women skip this meal as they fear weight gain. Others eat only proteins for the same reason. Just like lunch, dinner must be a balanced meal that contains something from each individual food group.

  • Whole grain cereal.

  • Lentils or lean meat like chicken and fish.

  • Raw salads

  • Fruits for dessert


Every working woman must follow the above plan that is great for her well being and enables her to take up the many roles that are required . Moderate exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes a day should not be forgotten either.


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Diet Plan For A Working Woman