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Top 10 Muscle Building Foods For Men

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Big BicepsLean muscles not only look great they also help a man stay fit. More muscles mean a higher metabolism so that more calories are burnt. The top 10 muscle building foods that are mentioned in the blog below are rich sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. Muscle building foods should be consumed as part of a natural and wholesome diet. Contrary to the popular myth, more proteins in food does not translate to more muscles in the body. Plenty of good carbohydrates and appropriate exercise are also needed. Lets look at helpful foods that make muscle building easy.




Top 10 Foods To Build Strong Muscles


1. Brown Rice

Brown rice

This carbohydrate rich food is essential to help the body secrete insulin that helps muscles grow better. Sufficient glucose also assist muscles to store enough glycogen that will improve protein formation in muscle cells.


2. Fish


Rich in high biological value protein, all fish provide the essential amino acids needed for repair and recovery of muscles post exercise. 3- 4 servings of fish a week are a must for muscle building.


3. Milk


Recent scientific data shows that drinking milk after workout results in higher burning of fat and greater growth of muscles. Refrain from using whole milk, choose low fat or skimmed milk only.


4. Beef

Beef Jerky

This much loved meat is not only rich in protein but also a great source of iron that reduces fatigue in overworked muscles. This is because iron supplies much needed oxygen to all muscle cells. Beef is a must have on the plate, for super muscles.


5. Eggs

Deviled egg

They contain an array of amino acids making them one of the most absorbable and highest quality protein. Eggs are also the source of the most important body protein which is albumin. Do not at any cost consume raw eggs as they are a source of salmonella bacteria which only ensures a bout of food poisoning.


6. Quinoa


A new found health food, it has all the essential amino acids needed for human health. Eating this regularly is needed for those healthy and firm muscles.


7. Almonds


These yummy nuts are packed with good fatty acids and protein that give much needed energy to muscles during and after exercise. A small handful of these nuts thrice a week give leaner and meaner muscles.


8. Banana

Banana Tart

It gives the muscles good carbohydrates and potassium without which it is impossible to build muscles regardless of how much protein is consumed. Banana milkshake makes for a muscle healthy beverage.


9. Whey


The ingredient of most commercial protein supplements, whey is naturally present in milk. It gives muscles sufficient energy and reduces the stress that muscles face after an episode of vigorous exercise.


10. Beans


It has great quality protein which is indispensable for muscle building. Low in calories and high in fiber, it is best consumed steamed as a regular part of a protein rich diet.


With so many muscle building foods, you are not far away from having the rippling muscles you always wanted. Avoid health damaging steroids and go the natural way by adopting the above mentioned foods.


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Top 10 Muscle Building Foods For Men