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Top 10 Protein Supplements For Men

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Man with dumbelllsProtein supplements aid in improving the nutritional status of men, especially  athletes. There are hundreds of such supplements in the market and all of them claim to increase muscle mass and stamina. In this blog we will look at the top 10 protein supplements that  men can use to improve their fitness and strength. Commonly used as body building supplements, these protein powders must be taken with caution as an overdose can result in severe damage to the liver and kidneys. The  list of best protein supplements list is given below for your reference.



1. Optimum Whey

Whey Protein

This is the best supplement as it contains whey which is the best source of high quality protein. The taste is very pleasant and it can be incorporated into a number of beverages. The lumps formed on mixing are also minimum.


2.  BSN NO-Xplode 


It is the best muscle builder and the results are quick which help to meet workout goals faster. This award winning formula ensures better oxygen supply to the muscles so that there is minimum fatigue.


3. CytoSport Muscle Milk 

Muscle milk

It tastes great and the mixture of low fat proteins, vitamins and minerals is very important for a performance athlete. It can also be used as a supplement in regular diet.


4. Cytomax


The main ingredient is a whey protein isolate whose bio availability is very high. It is very useful for muscle repair from wear and tear that is common in athletes and men who indulge in other vigorous sports.


5. . BSN Syntha-6 


A mix of powerful whey along with a multivitamin premix, this is a great supplement for post workout recovery and bulging muscles. The effect lasts for a long time due to the high quality ingredients.


6. NO Shotgun V.3 

no shotgun

Superior quality protein peptides and beta alanine help to give the best results. Expect larger muscles and higher energy in the gym. It also causes less muscle trauma while giving powerful muscles.


7. Revival


It contains natural soy protein which is the best source among the vegetarian proteins. It is useful for men who practice sports and work out in the gym. The protein shakes are available in many interesting flavors like peach and strawberry.


8. Natures Best Zero Carb Isopure


Whey protein isolate enriched with L glutamine is a lactose free protein supplement. It has no added sugar and is recommended to increase muscle strength and stamina. It gives a whooping 50 g protein per serving.


9. STG Supplements Whey Protein


It is low in calories and high in essential amino acids that supply proteins to the muscle. It has an excellent taste and mixes easily with water, milk and even juice.


10. Protein Rush Powder

Protein rush

Made up of 10 essential proteins it is easy to digest and helps to naturally build muscles because of its anabolic action. The main source of protein is whey protein isolate and it is enriched with L leucine.


Follow the instructions on the pack before regular use of these supplements. If you notice any side effects like headache and nausea, be sure to contact a doctor immediately


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Top 10 Protein Supplements For Men