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Best Diet Plans For Men

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Man eating appleFor men looking to improve their health and well being it is important to follow the best diet plan that is specific and planned taking care of individual requirements. There are scores of fad diet plans on the Internet that have no scientific backing and the benefits that they promise are short term. Following such plans only lead to frustration and some of them may even harm your health. The best diet plans for men are those are practical to follow. This blog looks at some of them that are recommended by diet and nutrition experts world wide.


1. Macrobiotic Diet Plan

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By far one of the most popular diets for men, it encourages the consumption of whole grain cereals and locally available fruits and vegetables. It specifies the use of traditional and non processed food for maintaining good health and immunity. It can help reduce risk of cancer and is anti inflammatory in nature. It also discourages the use of tobacco and alcohol and is accepted by AMA Council on Foods and Nutrition as a healthful way of eating.


2. Low Fat Diet-

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With the rates of obesity in men increasingly steadily, a low fat diet is worthwhile to follow to prevent as well as treat obesity. 15 g of fat a day in the form of beneficial vegetable oils such as olive, safflower and groundnut oil are recommended. Butter, lard and margarine are to be restricted. Only 0.5 % of fat in dairy products is allowed.


3. DASH Diet


For men who are suffering from high blood pressure this diet is sure to help. It stands for dietary approach to stop hypertension and focuses on the use of potassium, magnesium and calcium rich fruits and vegetables that can impact blood pressure levels positively. Low fat dairy, whole grains, limited sugar and salt are also important features.


4. The Mediterranean Diet

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There is plenty of scientific backing for this diet plan that consists of mainly olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat like fish, bread and dairy in moderation. It helps to reduce weight, protects against type 2 diabetes and cancer. It is also cardio protective.


5. The American Heart Association Diet

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Following this diet means a healthy heart and lower risk of heart attacks and strokes in men. Plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables and fiber from whole grains is specified. Fish is recommended twice a week for the omega 3 fatty acid content. Exercise and reduction of unwanted calories is stressed upon. On the whole a very easy to follow, healthy diet.


Opt for the above diet plans that are safe and effective. Remember that there are no miracle diets and no shortcuts to good health.  


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Best Diet Plans For Men