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Wanna Go On KEN Diet – Are You Crazy Or What?

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KEN Diet 1If you thought following the Extreme Diet was crazy enough, read this! The KEN, or "Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition" diet, takes the cake among all the outrageously obnoxious diets. This shocking diet is being following in Britain and it involves a grotesque method of dieting wherein a patented liquid formula is dripped into a person through a plastic tube that goes into his nose and then into the stomach. Ugggh!!!


1) A Drastic Diet


For 10 days at a stretch, a person has to eat the liquid formula through his or her nose and it makes little difference that the formula is dripping with protein and nutrients. When an electric pump, working day and night, pushes 2 litres of the formula every day through your nose, you can kiss your normal life goodbye! It almost sounds like a joke when those propagating this diet plan assure you that you can live a normal life but you must always carry the pump and the liquid in your bag, backpack, in hand, whatever! Moreover, when you sleep at night, you must hang the bag by your bed (as if you are on a hospital bed.)


2) Controlled Starvation


The KEN diet works on the principle of controlled starvation, forcing the body to make use of the stored energy, most of which is in the form of fat. If you look at the figures, you will understand why the diet is so popular among people. Each cycle of 10 days of this diet helps you get rid of 10% of body weight and it doesn’t cause any hunger, nor does it result in muscle loss, a problem associated with most of crash diets.


3) Going Without Food and Water KEN diet 2


If it bothers you that you may have to take break from food and water for 10 days, don’t worry because the diet allows you to detach from the plastic tube for an hour a day. You can use this break to bathe, for starters, and then drink tea, coffee, water, or sugar-free herbal teas while keeping the tube inside. Of course, the tea or coffee has to be without milk, sugar or artificial sweeteners.


4) The No-Food Diet


This another form of extreme diet was invented by Gianfranco Cappello, an associate professor of general surgery at the University of Rome’s La Sapienza Hospital. Cappello is considered to be an expert on artificial feeding and he claims to have treated thousands of patients with his KEN diet. If you look at who has introduced the diet in Britain, you may be forgiven to believe in it for a while. It was introduced in Britain by Dr Ray Shidrawi, a respected consultant gastroenterologist, with London’s NHS Homerton University Hospital. And if Dr Shidrawi tells you that he thinks the diet could be “the future of weight loss in the country,” you are tempted to go along. Speaking about his interest in the diet, Dr Shidrawi says, “Without carbohydrates, two things happen. First, you don’t feel hungry. Second, your body starts to burn fat stores at a huge rate. When the diet is administered steadily over 24 hours, the body remains in a fat-burning mode. The heavier you are, the more weight you lose, so patients shed, on average, between four to nine percent of total body weight in ten days.”


5) Side Effects


Besides being extremely unpleasant, the diet also has some other side effects, which the doctors attribute to total lack of fibre in the diet. Thus, constipation is a problem persisting through the ten days of the diet cycle. That is why, the patients taking KEN diet are also administered laxatives on a regular basis. Ketones, which are a result of body burning its own fat, is also expelled through breath and urine. So, bad breath is another side effect of this diet.


For now, the UK clinic administering this diet has claimed to have treated about 60 patients while some of the patients have also claimed that they lost the weight the healthy way. But it may be some time before the skeptics start believing it. Are you up to it? Do write back. 


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Wanna Go On KEN Diet – Are You Crazy Or What?