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Are You Ready For The Extreme Diet?

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Extreme Diet 1This is going to be the mother of all diets! It is so extreme that it doesn’t even allow you to drink tap water! Perhaps, the name “Extreme Diet” suits it just fine but are you ready for it, well, find out for yourself...



1) A Young Couple


Take a modern, successful, young couple, who live in an immaculate home and shop at upmarket stores. Their ambitions in life are not extraordinary except for the fact that they both want to live beyond everyone else in the world. Since their ambition is to live longer than anyone else, they are also fanatic about their diet and health regime, which is better known as the “Calorie Restriction” program. This program helps the couple monitor every single mouthful that they eat. Extreme, isn’t it? Well, it is just the beginning.



2) Extreme Diet


This diet consists of steamed vegetables, fish, and nuts and its followers are convinced that this diet is their way to a long life, right into their hundreds. One of the pursuers of this diet speaks about it, “We think about every single morsel of food we put in our bodies. We’ve been following the programme for two-and-a-half years.” She and her husband have been following a diet that bars wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, meat, even tap water, and they have to take nutrient supplements and exercise regularly. Also, those on the Calorie Restriction do not cook their food on extreme heating methods like frying, grilling, barbecuing, or roasting. Instead, food is eaten either raw or steamed.



3) Blind Devotion


Blame it on movies stars like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, who are appearing ageless, people, especially women, are tricked into believing every nonsense about diets. The followers of this diet are confident that if they follow it, they will not only live longer than others but their bodies will also age at a slower rate. Besides, they believe that diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and cancer will not affect them as much as they affect others. But the most outrageous of all claims is that this diet helps humans live up to 140 years of age, which nobody has been able to do so till now.



4) The Test Extreme Diet


It all started when a pathologist, Roy Walford, at the University of California, undertook an experiment, way back in 1991, wherein bioscientists were sealed inside an airtight atrium in Arizona desert for 24 months. The bioscientists were allowed to eat only what they could grow and for the two years’ experiment time, they had to sustain on a ration or about 1,500 calories a day. When they emerged out of the atrium, tests conducted on them showed that their organs functioned in a much healthier way than anyone else of their age. The experiment also inspired Roy to write a book, “Beyond The 120 Year Diet: How To Double Your Vital Years,” which turned out to be the bible of the Extreme dieters. According to the book, the Calorie Restriction diet helps to bring down levels of glucose and insulin in your body and it also prevents loss of cells and gives the followers a more youthful physique.



5) Healthy Diet Or Eating Disorder?


While the followers of the Extreme diet may think that they are doing the right thing by restricting their calorie count, health experts believe that this diet is nothing more than an eating disorder. It is easy to see why. One of the followers of the diet is 5ft 3in and she weighs just about 7st 3lb. Her Body Mass Index is 17.9 only, which is less than the recommended lower limit of 20. Moreover, there are followers of this diet, who feel guilty or even sick when they have to deviate from their diet even for a single meal. One such follower says, “I feel terrible. I get tired and bloated. If I drink or eat a little too much – as I did this Christmas – it only reinforces the fact that my way of eating and living is the very best lifestyle for me.” Sounds more like a control freak than a health fanatic! The health experts also say that restricting calories may not always give you the desired impact, “There is research which shows that, in animals, calorie restriction does seem to slow the ageing process. But it can also lead to starvation and malnutrition. To achieve Calorie Restriction and ensure you are taking optimum levels of micronutrients is very difficult. Followers are likely to suffer from deficiencies.”


Well, just like every other diet, Extreme Diet also has its own pros and cons. And if you really want to see whether it helps anybody live beyond 120 years of age, you will have to live a really long time to see that. But if you find yourself unable to diet extremely, go for these low calorie foods instead. After all, even Scarlett Johansson has said no to Extreme Diet.


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Are You Ready For The Extreme Diet?