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Bikini Diet Gets You Into That Daring Swimsuit!

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Bikini DietSummer time is the time for floral, knee-length dresses and sleeveless arms,  it is also the time to shed all that winter weight. Therefore, everyone is on the lookout for a suitable diet. Bikini diet seems to be the latest in the long list of such diets that entice people into trying them if they want to look their best and fit into their favorite dresses. However, theis diet takes you one step further from the printed summer dresses, it takes you straight into daring swimsuits, so it becomes worth it.



1) All About Control


If you want to look your best this summer, the only way out seems to be the bikini diet, which teaches you about portion control. However, that is not all. You also need to eat healthy and within a specific pattern. Looks like every other diet, right? Well, the details lies in the fine print as you will come to know as your read further.


2) Main Points of Consideration


The Bikini Diet is standing on a few pillars, which make it more of a healthy way of living than just a fad diet, which is more than what you can say about most of the fad diets in the world.

  1. Portion Control: You need to have only a limited number of portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, etc in your diet. An interesting way to decide this is to make sure that whatever you pick on your plate is not more than the size of your palm. Anything beyond that means you are crossing your limits.
  2. Eat Healthy: Another point of bikini diet is to eat healthy. This means lots of low calorie fruits, vegetables in the raw, low fat proteins, and lots of water.
  3. Specific Pattern: There is a pattern to be followed while you go on a Bikini diet. This means, while breakfast and lunch can be a combo of proteins, carbs, and veggies, dinner has be without carbs in any way. Snacks are only nuts, fruits or salads and nothing else.


3) The Working


Restricted quantity, high quality, fewer calories are some of the principles on which this diet works. If you consume more proteins and fewer carbohydrates, you will be draining fat from your waistline that much faster. Also, eating high fiber food is also instrumental in keeping you full, mentally and physically. The best result of this diet is seen in the glow on your face, which is not possible with other diets.


4) What Goes Into Bikini Diet?


By now, you may be eager to know what are the things you can enjoy eating as part of the Bikini diet. So, here is the list:

  1. Berries, oranges, and watermelon are your friends.
  2. Freshly cut raw vegetables, salads, most of the vegetables are good for you.
  3. Skimmed dairy products, soy products, skimmed milk cheese is your best bet.
  4. Whole brown rice, brown rice noodles, are the good grains for you.
  5. Eat fish, chicken, and eggs, in moderation.
  6. Mustard or mint dressings are the only options.
  7. Drink 2 litres of water every day and include herbal teas into your diet.

In addition to these, you need to avoid the following to get the best results out of your Bikini diet:

  1. Avoid cheeses, butter, cream, yogurt and cream milk.
  2. Sugar should be avoided at all cost.
  3. Bread, pasta, biscuits, pies, pastries are your number one enemy.
  4. Don’t go near processed or canned foods.
  5. Ready made dressings, mayonnaise, table sauces, and readymade sauces are a no-no.


5) The Expert’s Advice


A dietician who studied the Bikini Diet said that since this diet doesn’t ask you to starve or adopt extreme measures, it is a good way to break the monotony of your everyday eating and take a break from the usual processed food diet. The Bikini diet gives your body a chance to relax and rejuvenate itself as well as get cleansed in the matter of days.


So, quit eating junk food for a few days and embrace the Bikini diet. You may not want to get into a bikini this summer but you sure can do with some extra glow on your face.


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Bikini Diet Gets You Into That Daring Swimsuit!