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Are You A Flexitarian Without Knowing It?

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FlexitarianBeing a full-time vegetarian is not everybody’s cup of tea, especially in the face of food like a juicy steak, spicy hot chicken wings or the sauce-dripping barbequed wings. So, one has no option but to turn a flexitarian. Yes! that is what the new-age vegetarianism is all about. It is basically vegetarianism at your convenience and the Generation Next is loving it already.


1) Two Types of Vegetarians


As mentioned already, vegetarianism can be either round the clock or at your convenience. In case you are a full-time vegetarian, who raises an eyebrow on being served anything that moves, then, perhaps, you already know the travails of sticking to a veggie diet for always. It is not easy, especially if, in your scheme of things, you cannot keep out of the range of delicious meat dishes or other non-vegetarian delicacies. You may refuse this meaty fare once or twice but to do so on a regular basis, you need to cut off yourself from any contact. However, keeping such busy lives, full of socialization, it is a tad bit difficult to do so without offending someone else or, worse, your own taste buds. Thus, chances are you may end up gorging heavily on the veggie affair in order to compensate for depriving yourself of the meat. Sounds crazy, even stupid, but this is true. Therefore, the need arises to be a flexitarian.


2) Flexitarian, for How Long?


This, again, is your choice. Since you have decided to cheat upon your vegetarian habits, you decide for how long you want to cheat or take a break from staying a vegetarian. Be it for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or, a year. Be sure of one thing, there has to be some discipline in this chaos as well. The duration for which you turn flexitarian will be your time to eat whatever meat dishes you want. However, you also need to be aware of the fact that you are eating a diet much high in fat and cholesterol, so, cheat, but smartly.


3) Expert Opinion


Becoming a part-time vegetarian is all about being guilt-free – both at being a non-vegetarian as well as a vegetarian. One of the experts explains it thus, “There are lots of different interpretations for part-time vegetarians. Sometimes people are vegetarians two times a week or for a month or for two to three months a year. People do it either for weight loss because calorie wise, veggies and fruits are zero in fat. Also none of the foods produced from plant kingdom can cause cholesterol problems unless cooked with a lot of fat.” People turn flexitarian unknowingly as well, just like Christians do so in the season of lent and the Hindus do it the year round for various religious occasions such as Navratris, the month of Shravan, etc.


Vegetarian food is supposed to lower your blood pressure, reduce the level of blood sugar in your body, provide your system with antioxidants to fight degenerative diseases like cancer. The vegetarian diet is the best way to stay in touch with nature, however, for most of you temptation takes its toll and you end up as flexitarian. There is no harm in giving in to your temptation, just remember there is a proper way to go on a flexitarian diet. Follow that and you will not regret it ever.


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Are You A Flexitarian Without Knowing It?