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Do You Want To Cheat While On A Diet?

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cheatingEveryone has thought of cheating on their diet at least once in their life time. It seems like a dream come true for those who want to cheat while on a diet. Don’t you want to be on a diet and still be able to eat your favorite dish?  So, here is how you can do that...



1) Discretion is the Key


Let’s start with the good thing first. You are allowed to gorge upon your favorite food but eat it like you are doing yourself a favor. Treat yourself with that single dish as if it is a royal feast and remember the experience because that will take you through the rest of the week.


2) Choose a Day


While indulging yourself on a diet, pick up a day in a week to do so. It can be Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, or Monday but it has to be just one day and not more than one day, otherwise, you will be betraying your diet.


3) No Back-to-Back


No matter what your reason, do not cheat on two days together. Even if you promise not to cheat on your diet for two further weeks, this strategy will not work because you will remain deprived of the psychological satisfaction of the cravings, which will, in turn, affect your diet in future.


4) Don’t Cheat on an Empty Stomach Cheat on a diet


If you cheat while on an empty stomach, you will end up overeating. So, the trick is to eat your regular meal or, at least, a high fiber diet before you cheat, so that you don’t eat silly.


5) Go Out


If you eat in a closed room or alone, chances are you will end up cheating more. So, just go out to a restaurant or eatery and gorge on your cheat date. This way you will eat in moderation.


6) Cheat Intelligently


If you cheat with a triple cheeseburger or a double ice cream sundae, you end up spoiling your outcome of diet considerably. Instead, just cheat with something healthier. Its true that doing so defeats the whole purpose of cheating while on a diet, but then understand that you need to cheat smartly.


However, now that you have learnt how to cheat while on a diet, remember, do it in moderation so that you don’t compromise with your health. In the end, the benefits of healthy eating cannot be duplicated with unhealthy lifestyle.


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Do You Want To Cheat While On A Diet?