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Tips To Use Oatmeal For High Blood Pressure Treatment

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Now there is more reason than ever to have that second bowl of oatmeal which is full of nature's goodness. Latest research has shown that it helps to reduce high blood pressure. Read on to find a few useful tips  on how to use this wonder cereal in order to treat high blood pressure.


Oats And Blood Pressure

A study in the Journal Of Family Practice showed the benefits of oats in blood pressure treatment. The result was that, on a daily consumption of 137 g of oats per day blood pressure medicines could be reduced for a majority of the subjects.


How To Use Oats For Regulating Blood Pressure

  • Oats is a whole cereal and rich in soluble fiber. This soluble fiber forms a gel which helps to trap particles of cholesterol. This helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol know as LDL (low density lipoprotein ). Start your day with porridge, museli or cereal bars made with oats.

  • Oats are a good source of antioxidants and are great for the cardiovascular system. They work by reducing plague buildup which is the main cause of heart attacks. Make vegetable soup and add a general sprinkle of oatmeal to it. Vegetables are great high blood pressure foods to eat.

  • Oats are also rich in many minerals which are needed to maintain the health of blood vessels. Bake low fat cookies and cakes with oats instead of white flour. They not only  make a super healthy dessert but taste amazing too.

  • The oats available in the market are often fortified with calcium and potassium which can reduce blood pressure. Make yummy oatmeal pancakes with fresh fruits for added benefit.

  • It is important to follow a low calorie diet as too many calories and excess fat will reverse any benefits that are obtained from eating oats. Make a low fat smoothie with oats and slim milk. Loved by adults and children alike!

  • A three year study has shown that when post menopausal women had six servings of oats a week it resulted in lesser fatty deposition formation and reduced narrowing of arteries. Replace your regular cereal with oats at least once a day.


As can be seen oatmeal is very useful in reducing high blood pressure levels. Make sure to buy oats in their natural form . Ideally there should be no artificial flavor, color, additive or preservative. Store in a dry place free from moisture and reap the benefits.


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Tips To Use Oatmeal For High Blood Pressure Treatment