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Tips To Use Oatmeal For Weight Gain Treatment

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weight gainUndesired weight gain is always a concern as it leads to many health problems in the future. Oatmeal is a beneficial cereal which helps to keep it in check.Being overweight results in many health problems that includes diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. Find a few tips below on using oatmeal to manage your weight effectively.


Weight gain is the result of unwanted calories over a period of months and years. Even though diet plays an important role, care should be taken to ensure that you consume a well balanced diet but do not starve yourself.



  How To Use Oats For Weight Loss-

  • An oatmeal porridge is a good alternative to a calorie rich breakfast that may typically contain bread, bacon, fried eggs and sausage.

  • Whole oatmeal like all whole cereals is rich in fibre which has more nutrients compared to refined and processed cereals like white flour and corn starch.

  • When a meal rich in fibre from oats is consumed, it is digested slowly as the body takes a little longer to break down the food because the enzymes take longer to do their work.

  • This results in the food being in the stomach for a longer time and helps to keep you full.

  • To reduce calorie content even more, add plenty of vegetables in your meal. When you eat a meal fill at least half of it with vegetables which are high in fiber.

  •  When having oats with milk, choose reduced fat or skim milk instead of whole milk.
  • Instead of adding sugar in your oatmeal porridge, add a few pieces of cut fruits. It will help to lower the calories while giving you extra benefits from the vitamins and minerals that fresh fruits offer.

  • Remember to choose the right variety of oats. Thinner varieties like rolled oats and instant oats are quickly digested because they lack fibre. Go for steel cut oats which are browner and thicker. Because they are rich in soluble fibre they also have longer cooking times.


The calorie content of oats is similar to other cereals. Remember to have whole cereals. Losing weight needs a lot of discipline and hard work. No results are ever achieved without the brisk exercise done daily. Remember that there are no shortcuts to good health.


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Tips To Use Oatmeal For Weight Gain Treatment