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Tips To Use Oatmeal For Diabetes Treatment

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oatmeal healthy cerealOatmeal has been time and again recommended as a complete cereal that has a plethora of benefits. For a diabetic it is useful as it is low in fat, high in complex carbohydrates and rich in soluble fiber. It helps to control the blood sugar levels as well as the appetite. Here are some helpful tips on how to incorporate oatmeal for great results.


It is well accepted that whole cereals must be used in place of refined and polished ones for diabetes management. Oats are available in many types. It is important to choose the high fiber variety that will give you the best results where control of blood sugars are concerned.


Benefits Of Oats For A Diabetic

Oats are rich in a fiber called B glucan. This fiber when eaten, slows down the conversion of food into glucose.This is the most helpful function of B glucan for diabetics.

  • A recent study shows that B glucan delays gastric emptying that enables sugars to be absorbed slowly.

  • It is most helpful to control sugars that normally rise after a meal(  postprandial sugar).

  • The flour made from oat bran which is very rich in B glucan has shown to significantly reduce blood sugar levels when compared to those that do not contain oat bran.

  • The additional benefit for diabetics is that it helps to reduce hypertension as well as high cholesterol levels.

  • When compared to white bread and oat flour made without oat bran, enriched oat flour with bran has shown better results.


Tips To Use Oats for Controlling Diabetes

  • Mix high fiber oats along with other cereals to make pancakes, cakes and low cholesterol oatmeal cookies.
  • Use oats flour as a thickener in sauces and soups.
  • Include oats in milkshakes, to make fruit smoothies and even in yogurt.
  • Make an oatmeal rissoto to get a fiber boost instead of white rice which can quickly raise blood sugar.
  • Add oats to give a healthy crunch to vegetable salads and stir fries.


Make exercise a regular part of your day. Include at least a serving of oats a day for best results. Include more wholesome foods in your daily diet and you will see how easy it is to beat diabetes!


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Tips To Use Oatmeal For Diabetes Treatment