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Tips To Use Oatmeal For Cholesterol Treatment

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Oats are heart friendlyHigh cholesterol levels are considered to be indicative of developing heart diseases in the future. Oatmeal can help in bringing down the  cholesterol levels and the same has been proven by scientific studies.

The oats that are available for human consumption normally come in oatmeals and rolled oats.



Hulled oats that is commonly used for porridge.To make these oats, the grain is dehusked and heat is applied to it.Then it is cooled and used used in various ways.This process imparts a nutty flavour to the oats.Oatmeal is  rich in a substance called as Beta- glucan, which is a a long chain of carbohydrate units that are attached to each other.It is a soluble fiber that works like a brush to gently remove cholesterol deposits in the blood.It is to be noted that only regular consumption of oats can bring about any beneficial effects.

Any food product that claims that it is rich in beta glucans  must have a minimum of 3 g of beta glucan in a single serving. Any lesser than this will not produce the desired result.


Here are some tips to use oatmeal for treating cholesterol problems in more ways than you could have imagined! 




Oats cookies

Oats can combine very well to make crumbly cookies.Add cinnamon to flavor them as this wonderful spice also is proven to reduce cholesterol levels.These cookies make a good snack and can replace chips and other fried foods.




Oats Rissoto

Rissoto does not have to contain only rice anymore.Half the rice can be replaced by oats without compromising the creamy texture and authentic taste of the classic recipe.Brown rice can also be added instead of arborio rice.




Oats homemade bread

To make a truly multigrain homemade bread add oats along with other cereal flours.Choose rolled oats for the greater benefits that it offers.




Oats and tomato soup

Instead of adding cornflour for thickness try adding oats.It will make your soup rich and wholesome and it can be used in any of your favourite soup recipe.Boil along with the vegetables you normally use.


Enjoy your meals with this very healthy cereal.Remember to check fibre content on packages of breakfast cereals and choose only the high fibre ones.


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Tips To Use Oatmeal For Cholesterol Treatment