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Diet Foods For Lunch

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Healthy lunchA very important meal in the course of the day is lunch. It should ideally be a very well balanced meal.Diet foods for lunch should not leave one drowsy and lethargic but should provide enough energy for the day ahead.A packed lunch is can also be nutritious apart from being easy to carry. Given below are some lunch ideas that are a must try.



Low Calorie Foods For Lunch



Fresh fruits

They are a good substitute for sugary juices which are loaded with extra calories due to the sugar or fructose that is added to them.As they are strained they lose the required fiber that is so good for us.Carry any fruit that is easily available.If you can have a vitamin C rich fruit everyday ,it will go miles in giving you a strong immune system, preventing common cold and infections.Papayas, kiwi fruit, mangoes ,oranges are good options.A mixed fruit bowl is nice when you want to eat a variety of different fruits.Have an apple with the skin the next time you have lunch and you will notice the difference yourself!




Vegetable Wrap

A vegetable wrap is easy to carry and is a no fuss food. It is good to eat when you do not have the time for an elaborate meal and works well on weekdays.A wrap can be made of grilled , boiled and seasoned vegetables. Raw vegetables can also be used.A low fat spread like a cheese or a mustard sauce can be added too.Sprouts also make interesting fillings.




Vegetable rice

Rice goes well with a variety of ingredients and you can add just about anything to make it taste great. To control calories, reduce the amount of oil you use when you cook the fried version of rice.Stir fry your favourite vegetables and meat and mix in with the rice.Season with salt and pepper and your lunch is ready ! Steamed rice with a lentil curry  can also be tried out. If you have eggs handy it can be placed atop the rice dish making your lunch protein rich as well. 





Simply pack a few slices of bread along with a vegetable or protein based dip.It makes for a balanced meal which does not require much time to prepare.Hummus is an easy dip to make and consists of  boiled chickpeas, some olive oil , few cloves of garlic and sesame seed paste.To make the nutritious dip, combine all the mentioned ingredients except the oil, in a blender. Hung curd can also be used to make a healthy and creamy dip.


All you need is some patience and planning to plan a good lunch that consists of diet foods.The results that you notice after a few weeks of eating low fat and high nutrient meal are  well worth the effort.


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Diet Foods For Lunch