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Diverticulitis Diet Sheet

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Diverticulitis symptomIt is a disease which affects the large intestine.A diverticulitis diet is given to provide relief from pain in mild cases of the disease. Diverticulitis is the result of another disease known as diverticulosis , wherein sac like bulging pouches are formed in the the digestive tract. These can lead to pain and inflammation. When the pouches, known as diverticula become inflamed , it leads to diverticulitis. This disease is common in countries that follow low fiber diets.





Constipation, nausea and diarrhea are common symptoms.In serious cases it can lead to bleeding and change in bowel habits. Some people have also complained of abdominal pain and fever.




A CT scan is very helpful in diagnosis of diverticulitis.It is recommended by doctors as it is highly accurate.




The following can be useful in controlling diverticulitis.




If a diet high in fibre is consumed , it results in stools that are soft and bulky.These help the patient pass stools more quickly and  is less painful.It decreases the need to strain which may other wise lead to rupture of the sac and cause bleeding.This includes whole grain cereals , fruits and vegetables.However the increase in fibre should be done with great caution.Sudden increase can cause bloating and gas formation.




Fibre alone will not help to soften the stools.In addition plenty of water has to be take.Two to three litres of water per day has to be consumed.




It was earlier said that if seeds and nuts were consumed they could get stuck in the diverticula and worsen pain and associated symptoms.Recent research however does not support this theory,It is now know that the vitamins and minerals in nuts and seeds, like vitamin E can in fact help in the process of healing.


4. FAT


 A high fat diet is discouraged as it can increase contraction of the smooth muscles that make up the wall of the intestines.It can lead to further discomfort and hence is best avoided.Less fat should be added in the food consumed.


A diverticulitis diet sheet must be followed along with a regular exercise routine. Remember not to skip any meals and seek immediate treatment if symptoms persist.Diet therapy goes a long a long way in disease management.


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Diverticulitis Diet Sheet