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Diet Foods For Dinner

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After a hard day at work,dinner is a very important meal for us all. It's time that we share with our families and many a times tend to indulge in fatty and calorie rich foods.Diet foods are healthier options and including them make the dinner menu perfectly suitable for our bodies.


Diet Foods To Be Included In Dinner




Vegetable are power packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre.They are very low in calories too.A good serving of vegetables will keep you full and and are easy to prepare.Crunchy raw salads, stir fried or roasted vegetables make a great accompaniment with rice or breads.It is not recommended to have a meal solely consisting of vegetable as it does not provide you all the nourishment you need.




Whole grains


The process of refining , robs cereals of precious vitamins and fibre.Skip the white bread for a healthier multi grain or brown bread.Brown rice and wholewheat pasta are also good to use.They have a lovely flavour and the fibre in them helps to keep you full for longer periods of time.They are also helpful in keeping blood sugar and cholesterol at bay and help in better weight management.





They are good alternatives for rich and creamy dessert.Substitute cakes and chocolates for a bowl of mixed fruits.They are rich in antioxidants that play an important role to reduce negative effects of free radicals which are our bodies produce everyday.The high amounts of vitamin C in fruits help to improve immunity levels.Its best to consume seasonal fruits regularly.Choose brightly colored fruits that provide a host of protective benefits. At least one serving of fruit during dinner is recommended.Examples of a serving are-one banana, fifteen to twenty grapes, or one whole apple or peach.





Soup is very welcoming at dinner.Everyone loves the comfort a hot piping bow of soup offers.The good thing about soup is that a variety of ingredients can go in them.Lentil, meat and vegetables are good choices.Pasta can also be added along with other ingredients to make a  wholesome and filling meal.Minestrone soup which traces its origins in Italy is one such classic soup.Soups are generally low in fat and cholesterol.Do not add too much cream or butter to your soup.Just a dash of olive oil will do.Soups  contribute to a feeling of satiety and are very nutritious.



Lean meat

These protein rich foods give your body important nutrients without the unwanted calories and fat.Refrain from frying them as the excess oil will deflect you from your weight loss goals.Instead grill, bake and steam more often.Lean meats are available in a wide variety of cuts that can be incorporated in many recipes.Sufficient protein also gives a feeling a fullness as protein foods take longer to break down and digest.


Dinners no longer have to a heavy meal laden with calories.A few changes will help you stick to your weight loss goals.Happy guilt free dinner!



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Diet Foods For Dinner