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Diet Foods For Breakfast

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Healthy breakfastThis is the first meal that helps to kick start your day. However, most breakfasts tend to be a hurried affair as almost all of us are in a rush to get to work.The healthy diet foods mentioned below are easy to prepare and will energise you to begin your day! Do not believe in the myth that skipping your breakfast will help you lose weight. Successful weight loss stories all have one thing in common – a hearty, nutrient packed breakfast.


Try and make these easy foods that your family will love to have:



Wholewheat pancake

Pancakes are great to make in a jiffy. All you have to do is mix in some whole wheat flour, an egg or two, vanilla essence, sugar and some low fat milk.Mix it well and spread it on a hot pan.There is no need to add butter or oil.The result is soft delicious pancakes.If you want to avoid the sugar,add some ripe banana, strawberries and blueberries.It will sweeten your pancakes and add some great flavor.



Brown rice porridge

Brown rice has a lovely nutty flavor and nature has packed it with loads of vitamins, minerals and fibre which the polished variety of white rice lacks.Brown rice takes a long time to cook because of the unrefined layer if bran that is present.Cook the rice the previous night and store it in the refrigerator.Next morning add some milk , sugar and cinnamon to the rice and bring to a boil.You have a hot bowl of porridge ready in minutes.The added cinnamon has shown to help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels in many clinical trials.



Healthy Sandwich

They are great tasting , full of fiber and available in many varieties too.Its so much easier to control portion sizes when you are trying to lose weight as they are very filling.Get creative when you prepare sandwiches as you can make so many different fillings.Chicken , boiled eggs, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes can be used.To make a quick meal, get the stuffing ready a day earlier and you can make a yummy meal on the go.


A low fat breakfast will help you to maintain your weight and give you  a reason to never skip this important meal.The above given recipes can be used for children too.


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Diet Foods For Breakfast