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Diabetes Diet Sheet

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Monitoring blood sugar levelsDiabetes is a condition produced when the pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of the hormone, insulin.A special diabetes diet sheet has to be followed in order to control the condition. Insulin is an important hormone as it maintains the right levels of blood sugar .

Diabetes is becoming a global concern as it is on an increase globally,  mainly due to faulty food habits and lifestyle.


But there is a lot of hope for those suffering from this disease.Advances in medicine have helped a lot.Small changes in diet and sufficient exercise go a long way in normalizing the condition.



They are mainly classified into the followingtypes:


Type 1

This is seen in the younger age group below 40 years of age , because the pancreas does not produce sufficient amount of insulin.Such people need to take regular insulin injections as prescribed by their doctors.


Type 2

Older individuals above the age of 40 normally develop this type of diabetes.Weight loss in obese patients and diet therapy helps lot.Oral medications are used to control this type of diabetes.



Symptoms may include increased thirst and hunger as well as unexplained weight loss.Some people also experience blurred vision, weakness and delayed wound healing.

A laboratory test will normally show high sugar levels which is known as hyperglycemia



It has been shown that a combination of diet, drugs, exercise and education works well and helps to avoid complications in later life.



A persons diet is a very important in the management of the disease. There is a lot of talk of special diet foods for diabetic patients.But the truth is that such foods are useless and do not contribute at all in controlling the disease.

The great news is that there is nothing called a diabetic diet ! All scientific studies done have concluded that diabetics should consume a normal and healthy diet.They do not have to follow strict restrictions and can in fact eat almost all foods that others enjoy.Small changes are all that are required so that a diabetic too can enjoy a variety of wholesome foods.


1. Carbohydrates-

A diet rich in good carbohydrates is needed by diabetics unlike the low carbohydrate diets that are routinely prescribed.Rapidly absorbed sugars such as sweets, chocolates and soft drinks should be consumed with caution.Brown rice, Multi grain breads,whole wheat are good options.


2. Proteins-

A protein rich diet that consists of at least 20% of the total calories is needed for good health.It also helps the body utilise insulin better.Lean meat, low fat dairy is recommended and 3 servings are required.Red meat can be used less frequently after trimming any visible fat.A diabetic can also enjoy whole eggs 2 times a week.


3. Fruits and vegetables-

Avoid fruit juices as they lack fiber.Instead consume all fruits and vegetables with their skins on whenever possible.Plenty of fiber helps to regulate blood sugar levels and avoids its fluctuation.


4. Herbs and spices-

Including 2 teaspoons of fenugreek everyday have shown promising result as they help to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.Mix whole seeds in a salad or powder it for your convenience. Cinnamon has also shown the same positive results.It can be used in desserts or to flavour tea and coffee!


Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.A brisk walk will also do.Make small changes in your food patterns and you will realise that diabetes is not a disease. On the contrary, it is a small problem which you can overcome with the right diet and determination.


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Diabetes Diet Sheet