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Lower Cholesterol Diet Sheet

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Healthy cholesterol free heartCholesterol is a waxy chemical substance that is essential for all our body cells.To lower it to normal levels, a well planned diet sheet should be followed. Cholesterol is present in all important organs like the heart, brain , nerves, muscles , liver , intestines and skin. Although it is a very important component of the body system too much cholesterol can be harmful.


High cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart diseases. Heart attacks in those with high cholesterol levels in not uncommon.When blood cholesterol levels exceed 200mg / dl , it is considered to be high.



There are no symptoms of high cholesterol levels.A blood test is an accurate way of finding out whether or not your levels are normal.



Contrary to common belief,  high cholesterol levels are a reflection of the cholesterol content of food.Many more causes have been identified which can increase your cholesterol to dangerous levels.



In many cases if ones parents have high cholesterol, it is very likely that the offspring will inherit the same.The cause for this is genetic abnormalities that are transferred from one generation to the other.



Individuals suffering from diabetes or obesity have higher chances of developing elevated cholesterol levels as these diseases causes many changes in the the way fats are produced and used by our bodies.



It should be noted that plant foods have no cholesterol at all as the plant is incapable of producing any.This is because plants do not have a liver and are unable to manufacture cholesterol like animals are humans are.With this fact established, it is clear that only animal foods such as milk, eggs , organ meat like liver and brain, red meats are sources of cholesterol in our diet.




1. Plenty of fiber-

Fiber is the indigestible portion of plant food and is also known as roughage.Whole cereals like wheat, legumes such as peas and beans, fruits and vegetables with their skin, nuts and seeds are all important sources of fibre.The fibre recommendations by the American Dietetics association is 38 g for women and 25 g for men per day.Fibre supplements such as psyllium are easily available in the market but should be used under a physicians advice only as overdose may cause nausea and vomiting.


 2.Omega 3 fatty acids- 

These are fats found in plants and marine life.Flax seeds and fish oils are rich sources respectively.Eating fish two- three times a day greatly helps to reduce cholesterol levels.Fatty fish like Tuna ,salmon, sardines, trout and mackerel are the best sources.Whole flax seeds, the powdered form or flax seed oil also provide this benefit.


3. Herbs -

Including garlic and fenugreek seeds has been proven by many scientific studies to lower bad cholesterol levels as they remove the fatty buildups from the arteries.It is a good idea to increase quantities of such herbs in your meals.


4. Exercise-

It not only reduces bad cholesterol levels but also increases levels of good cholesterol. Most adults require 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day.walking, cycling and jogging are good options.


Cholesterol management is important as it can prevent serious heart diseases in the future.All adults should check their cholesterol levels anually.Remember diet , exercise and medicines should be followed regularly and should not be missed. 



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Lower Cholesterol Diet Sheet