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Diet Tips For Acid Reflux In Pregnant Women

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HoneyProper attention to diet significantly eases the symptoms of acid reflux in pregnant women. Conditions like heartburn, acidity and chest pain, vomiting and bloating are healed with the balance of right diet and healthy lifestyle. Let us learn about certain diet tips that help in alleviating the condition without resorting to any kind of medication during pregnancy.


Leading Causes and Symptoms of Acid Reflux in Pregnancy


During pregnancy, certain surge of progesterone hormone leads to back flow of acid to food pipe causing acid reflux. Growing size of uterus is another good reason for acid reflux in pregnancy. Eating more of spicy foods Over production of stomach acids Abnormal secretion of digestive and bile juice Symptoms for acid reflux are: Constant vomiting Bloating Heartburn Gastritis Internal corrosion of stomach lining Inability to digest any kind of food Continuous burning and pain in chest.


Easy Diet Tips for Banishing Acid Reflux


You should include the foods in your diet that is more alkaline in nature and has the property of absorbing the acids. You are simultaneously required to avoid foods that increases acid production like:

  • citrus fruits tomatoes
  • fries
  • onion
  • sour cream
  • yoghurt
  • cheese
  • noodles
  • spaghetti
  • wine and alcoholic drinks
  • tea/coffee brownies cookies


Raw Honey:


  • Raw or unpasteurized honey has many health benefits for guarding you against acid reflux.
  • It has anti bacterial and wonderful digestive agents that heal the symptoms of the ailment.
  • It also cools the system and treats chest pain by reducing the inflammation of food pipe.
  • It prevents the growth of bacteria on the undigested food that is caused in chronic cases of acid reflux.
  • Get into the habit of consuming honey daily for complete relief from the condition.


Raw Ginger:


  • One of the most soothing roots, ginger roots help in controlling the acid reflux by absorbing the extra acid.
  • It also aids in proper secretion of bile and other digestive juices to help in digestion of complex foods.
  • It has a calming ingredient known as gingerol that makes it a potent therapeutic remedy for digestive problems, stomach ulcers and very effective in acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Take ginger in its raw form or in capsular form.
  • You can also add pepper in the glass of raw ginger and luke warm water to see the immediate results.




  • Fennel is renowned for its digestive properties.
  • It also stops excess acid production and acts as protective coating for your stomach lining.
  • Taking right amount of fennel seeds will avoid any accumulation of acid in the stomach.
  • Taking one full cup of strained fennel seeds weekly will provide your relief from acid reflux.


Sticking to the diet that is loaded with these ingredients will certainly bring relief from acid reflux and thus help you lead a normal lifestyle while pregnant.


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Diet Tips For Acid Reflux In Pregnant Women