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Diet Plan For Obese Women

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Obese Diet PlanAn alarming increase in female obesity can be fortunately curbed with a meticulously planned diet that entails high fiber, low density of fat and carbohydrate, vitamins and nutrient rich foods. A typical diet plan will trim down your waistline; stimulate weight loss and prevents life threatening diseases arising due to obesity. Statistics reveal that around 24 percent of women in US are obese and more than 33 percent fall in the overweight category. Obesity can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance and fertility problems in women. Knowing the primary cause of being obese is deemed as major concern for women and here it goes along with a sensible diet plan:


Leading Causes of Obesity in Women:


Major culprit of increasing your waistline is the unhealthy diet.

  • Too much consumption of fast foods, oil rich foods, salt, sugar and processed, packaged and refined foods are enough to accumulate fat on your waistline.

  • Emotional eating is yet another leading cause of obesity seen in women. Overtly depressed, anxiety prone and mentally stressed women are more likely to over binge on unhealthy items and eventually turn obese.

  • Lack of fiber rich diet is next which may lead to multiple health risks with obesity topping the list  A fiber rich diet will lower down your cravings for carbohydrates. 

  • Lack of exercise is the most common reason behind piling up pounds on your body.


Typical Diet Plan for Obese Women:

Normal calories intake for a healthy women should fall between the range of 12, 00 to 16, 00 calories . Restricting your diet to a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins with liberal addition of fibers will allow you to remain true to your weight loss plan.

Your diet plan should necessarily focus on foods enriched with vitamins, nutrients and should be full of fibers.

  • Fibers help in diminishing the level of bad cholesterol and spike the level of healthy cholesterol; therefore the risk of developing cholesterol related diseases can be minimized with fiber rich diet.
  • Complex carbohydrates will provide you with high metabolic rate and your tendency to burn calories will increase keeping you active and alert throughout.
  • Proteins in your diet will feed your muscles and melt your excess body fat. They will fortify your tissues with adequate amount of protein that is required to keep your toned up and glowing with health.
  • Reducing your overall fat intake is the key to cutting back on calories and thus adding years to your life.

A typical and well balanced diet plan for women battling with obesity is as follows:-


A Healthy Breakfast includes:

  • oatmeal with low fat milk
  • stevia instead of white sugar
  • whole wheat bread with egg whites or generous dose of egg yolks
  • You can make variations with whole grain muffins, cherries, strawberries or any seasonal fruit, fresh figs and apricots and tea with a dash of lemon.


A Healthy Lunch includes:


  • Whole grain or multi grain sandwich with margarine spread instead of butter
  • roasted beef, bean or pumpkin
  • spinach
  • salad with tomatoes and lettuce lightly sprinkled with low sodium salt and plain yoghurt or buttermilk.


A Healthy Dinner includes:


  • Brown rice
  • honey glazed boiled salmon or grilled fish
  • asparagus, baked potatoes
  • salads with spinach, basil, parsley, lettuce and cucumber
  • dessert with splenda or stevia in it.



Sticking to a healthful diet plan will  keep you in the pink of your health and you will also be the inspiration for your family and friends as you help them realize how to turn slim from obese!


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Diet Plan For Obese Women