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Quick Face-Fix Diet Plan Put To Test

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Holly PeersCan you believe it? If you raid your refrigerator for eatables, you will not only lose weight but will also lose years from your face! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, in order to claim this test, here is a dieter, who actually went on the new quick face-fix diet, which sheds as many as 10 years off your face. This diet also promises to make your face and skin glow. However, there is a catch, as always. When on this diet, you cannot have tea, coffee, or alcohol, so it means complete abstention.


1) The Ultimate Lure


The fact that you can get a facelift from your refrigerator is a huge attraction in itself. Therefore, no reason not to pick up the same as the Christmas party and the New Year eve arrives round the corner. This dieter took up the challenge for three days and, surprisingly enough, lived to tell the tale.


2) What to Eat


The dieter started her day with a three-egg omelet, a 4oz salmon fillet, and a small bowl of porridge, with, of course, a handful of blueberries. On the first day, the omelet may be too much to finish but by the second day, you will have worked up an appetite to be able to finish your breakfast, lunch, and supper. For lunch, there was salmon, salad, and berries while in supper, the dieter salmon, green vegetables, and berries again. In between meals, she gorged on cantaloupe and walnuts, with the latter being a great source of fatty acids.


3) Was it Worth it?


Well, the dieter managed to drop 9lb by the third day but felt a longing for her usual dose of caffeine, which she could not have. Nevertheless, consuming fewer complex carbohydrates had its effect on her skin, which showed an even tone and the pimples had disappeared. Moreover, she felt lighter inside.


4) Are You Up for It?


You know that there is no dearth of the diet plans in this country or world. You may already be on a diet plan for yourself. So, what do you think about the quick face-fix diet plan? Don’t worry if you are not able to carry it out for all the three days. At least, a good start never did any harm. Besides, shunning alcohol, coffee, and tea will also save your skin from inflammation because it ages the skin prematurely.


The dieter in question got what she desired  but about the 10 years off the face... well that is another story. But this quick face-fix diet seems like a good option to try when you are short on time and have just days to be picture perfect for that ultimate party in the town.


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Quick Face-Fix Diet Plan Put To Test