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Anushka Sharma Diet Secrets

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Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma’s sizzling size zero figure has been the talk of the B-Town lately. Yes, this 23 year old Bollywood Star who made her dream debut opposite the Baadshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan in Rab ne banadi jodi, has achieved a size zero figure, which has made quiet some news over the past few months. The motive behind her weight loss is for her upcoming  film Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl which is produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films.












Diet Secrets

As quoted by Anushka “I prefer eating more vegetarian food , I love parathas and wholegrain dal. I feel hungry after every 2 hours, and I eat sandwiches”. Anushka Sharma believes in eating healthy food, her two favorite dishes which she can eat anytime are homemade momos made by her mom and butter chicken. She also confesses that her line of work is very stressful and tiring and there is no fixed schedule as such, yet in all this chaos, she makes sure she eats her food on time and whenever she is hungry. We don’t know the full details of her diet, but we can surely make out that she is eating lots of veggies and greens to look fit.


When it comes to her fitness, this beautiful, vivacious, young actress who recently graced the cover of Prevention magazine, follows a very strict workout regime, which includes 4 times of weight training every week, which helps her tone her body and make her strong. She also happen to attend a yoga session at Ananda in the Himalayas, and she liked it a lot, and now she has included yoga in her workout regime, she is so involved that she even tells her colleagues and fans to take up yoga, so that it can bring energy and calm to their lives too.


Final Verdict on Anushka Sharma’s Diet

Anushka Sharma’s diet secrets are eating at short intervals, eating right and healthy, and also having a fixed regular fitness regime, which will make you fit and it will help you get into shape. According to me whatever she is following is working out for her, this diet and fitness regime can be followed by everyone who wants to have a toned body like Anushka Sharma.


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Anushka Sharma Diet Secrets