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Maggie Q Diet And Fitness

Maggie Q Diet And FitnessIf you have seen the movie Priest, then you would know why the Maggie Q diet is in focus right now. This 32 year old, Hawaiian born actress is a practicing vegan of over 13 years. The ass-kicking actress from the television series Nikita says that being a vegan has cleansed out her body and that she is leading a much healthier life. Besides, she also acknowledges her gorgeously glowing skin to her vegan lifestyle, and of course drinking plenty of water. Let's check out the details.


Maggie Q Diet and Fitness:

Unlike most vegan diets, Maggie Q's diet is well rounded. She makes sure that she gets all her nutrients. According to the OK! Magazine, on a typical day, for breakfast, the Rush Hour 2 actress has a smoothie made with barley milk and Spirulina. She also eats fruits of her choice and greens. At noon, Maggie Q eats kale, steamed rice and a lentil stew. As her evening snack, she has brown rice crackers with peanut butter. At night for dinner, she has a salad made of greens, baked sweet potato and cooked quinoa. At an average, the Magic Kitchen actress consumes about 1350 calories.


When it comes to her fitness, Maggie Q is much inclined towards stunt and martial arts training. She works with Nikita's stunt coordinator, Branko Racki, who trains her in martial arts and core strengthening techniques. She believes that Branko Racki has single handedly helped her body to tone up and become strong. Apart from her martial arts training, Lady Q practices Yoga, boxing and enjoys swimming.


Final Word on Maggie Q Diet and Fitness:

Maggie Q's diet is a carefully planned out one. Besides, she is a Hollywood celebrity who can afford to hire her own nutritionist, chef and a grocery shopping manager. But for most of us who are not living the high life in Hollywood, being a vegan might be a bit difficult. However, if you decide to be a vegan anyway, consult a nutritionist and work out an initial diet plan with the locally available vegan products, till you learn to sustain yourself all on your own.


Mazel Tov!


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Maggie Q Diet And Fitness