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Anna Kournikova Diet

Anna Kournikova DietAnna Kournikova, 30, is perhaps the only female tennis player who became famous with her stunning good looks and without winning even a single WTA Title in singles category. Anna, who once enjoyed the most 'searched' status on Google knows how maintain that hot body of hers. But how does the 120 pound sexy ex-tennis star manage that? Let's check out Anna Kournikova's diet and fitness, shall we?


Anna thanks her "good genes" first and reveals that it takes a lot more than that to look good. Apart from playing tennis quite obviously, she runs for up to 45 minutes to 1 hour, 4 times a week. She also hits the gym and does 30 minutes weight training, 4 times a week. When she is not playing tennis or running or training in the gym, this blonde Russian likes to Rollerblade, swim and play other water sports.


What does this once No.8 WTA seed eat? Surprisingly, she does not follow a diet and neither does she recommend one. She believes in having a little bit of everything a.k.a portion control. Anna Kournikova said, “I like plain Corn Flakes. My favorite meal really depends on what mood I am in but over all I could eat pizza anytime.” She said that she likes all kinds of salads and raw vegetables, but also enjoys the occasional indulgence. “If I am going to have something that rich I would rather have a good piece of cake,” she said. Kournikova also confessed that she even goes to McDonald’s from time to time. But she definitely burns it off in the gym or on the tennis court.


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Anna Kournikova Diet