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Chelsea Handler Diet

Chelsea Handler DietChelsea Handler might be the funny woman that we all like on national TV but her diet is not something that you can laugh about. This 36 year old host of Chelsea Lately admitted that she had struggled with her weight all through teenage years as she came from a family of not-so-healthy eaters. Her father's quadruple bypass surgery was a wake up call for her and she had to change her unhealthy eating habits once and for all. I like Chelsea Handler's new diet and fitness program as it is something that a lot us can relate to. Let's take a look at her diet.


The Chelsea Handler Diet Secrets:

This vivacious stand-up comedienne said, “I love food, I need to eat! I could never do juice cleanses or not cheat once in a while! I was born with a French-fry in my mouth,” she said admitting the fact that she grew up munching on Doritos in between meals. Also, she cannot stay away from vodka. So having all this is mind, her nutritionist worked on a new diet for her. This is how her diet is. On a typical day, she would have a bowl of oatmeal mixed with a scoop of protein powder and scoop of ground flax seeds. Interestingly, she has turkey and arugula salad minus the dressing as her mid morning snack. Chelsea Handler is a big fan of sushi and that is what she has for lunch. She has a brother who is a chef who makes her grilled sea bass, chicken and green salad with turkey meatloaf for dinner; if he is around that is. Once in a while she snacks or rather indulges in a small pack of Doritos and craves for steak from her favorite diner from NJ.


When it comes to her fitness, Chelsea Handler swears by Pilates. "I was a fitness fiasco—until I found Pilates," she said. Though Chelsea has been active for a good part of her life now, she confesses that she has never really been a big fan of the gym. "I've tried them all," admitted the Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang authoress. "But I'd usually end up quitting because I'd get bored. Or, as with yoga, after months of doing it, I'd still have belly flab. And doing cardio at the gym can be so annoying!” she also said. She said that finding a physical activity that she might enjoy had been a big challenge for her until she found Pilates. Pilates has made Chelsea Handler a very happy camper.


Final Word on Chelsea Handler's Diet:

Complex carbohydrates and lean protein is the key. That is what the Chelsea Handler diet is all about. I would also vouch by Pilates because of my own experience. I started taking Pilates classes recently and I can already feel the difference in the core area of my body. Enroll for Pilates classes and see the difference like how Chelsea Handler says. Mazel Tov!


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Chelsea Handler Diet