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Katie Cassidy's Workout and Diet

Katie Cassidy's Workout and DietKatie Cassidy, the tall blonde actress from Melrose Place and Gossip Girl, is perhaps one of the biggest fitness junkies in Hollywood. If you have seen her recent flick Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez, you will notice how incredibly toned she is. What makes this 25 year old to tick and how does she manage to keep herself in that excellent shape? Let's take a look, shall we?


Katie Cassidy's Workout and Diet:

I suspect that if Katie Cassidy wasn't an actress, she would have been an Olympic sprinter. Why, you may ask. She said, “I do an 8.5-mile run on the weekend and then throughout the week I’ll run like 5 miles here or 4 miles there.” This is only because, she loves running. But if she is not running, she does a lot of other interesting activities. “I also do a ton of other things, just to keep it up. I do a lot of kettle bell. It is really good for your core and your legs. And it helps with running. You are building muscle at the same time as opposed to just that constant pace of running and going and going.”


The Supernatural actress has also been practicing 'flow yoga.' “I have been doing flow yoga. I just started doing it and it really helps for lengthening and stretching because when you run a lot your hips and your legs get really tight. I think that was really hard on my body. Doing yoga, it kind of just releases that and it just makes you feel more flexible and I don’t know, alive almost. Its great!”


Recently, Katie Cassidy has been tweeting about 'Aerobarre' fitness; her new found love. Aerobarre is a hybrid fitness program that combines a lot of things into one. 'Boxing is appearing in new fusion workouts, like the pilates and yoga hybrids Piloxing and Koga, because it's effective and fun.' Aerobarre is the hottest workout in Hollywood right now as it promises powerhouse abs and total-body confidence.


Katie Cassidy uses to be a vegan till she had to give it up for her the famous 'cake binging' scene in Monte Carlo. Sudden diet change, made the actress sick, apparently. The 7th Heaven actress said that her favorite treat is “pizza with ranch dressing,” and despite the time she spends running, she said, “But I don’t really get to eat it that often!” Such is life and enough said!


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Katie Cassidy's Workout And Diet