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Kelly Rowland's Weight Loss Secret: Pole Dancing And No Sugar!

Kelly Rowland's Weight Loss Secret: Pole Dancing And No SugarYes, ladies and gentlemen, Kelly Rowland's weight loss secret is pole dancing and no sugar. This 30 year old R&B singer has lost about 10 pounds and appears all the more toned and sexy. Does this mean that this 'Dilemma' singer is going to join the Size 0 bandwagon. No! "I would never want to lose too much weight," she said. "I love having curves and a bum. Men like something to hold on to!" said Kelly Rowland. Whoa Kelly!


Kelly Rowland's Weight Loss Secret: Pole Dancing And No Sugar:

Kelly Rowland said that she does not believe in depriving herself of anything and that she has never been on any fad diet. But how did she lose 10 pounds? She read a book called 'You Are What You Eat' by Gillian McKeith. Apparently, the book helped her to cut off sugar from her diet, and voilà, she lost about 10 pounds in a month. "I'm telling you, I'm not eating sugar. I didn't even try to lose weight. I did some of those things [from the book] for a month, but for the most part, it is just sugar that is gone from my diet."


So, on a typical day what would this 'Commander' singer be eating? "Breakfast is very important, and I'll start with porridge. Lunch will probably be my most calorific meal of the day to give me energy at work, like tuna pasta, and then at dinner it will be a very light grilled chicken or fish with vegetables," says Kelly Rowland.


When it comes to her body, Kelly Rowland says, "I have a nice amount of both (cellulite and stretch marks), so that's why I do lunges to keep my butt in shape. If you're in shape, you don't notice these things as much. She also takes the help of a pole dance instructor in Miami who makes her dance it all out. "I have a pole dance instructor in Miami and she teaches me a lot - you'd be surprised how hard those ladies work!" said Rowland. Apart from this, the newest X Factor judge (Rowland, of course) said that she practices yoga which really helps her to tone up. She also goes to the gym to do some cardio a couple of times a week, particularly working on the bike and the cross trainer.


The only advise that Kelly Rowland gives to people who are looking to lose weight is this: "I've never done crazy diets because you just put the weight back on straightaway. Your body needs food! Exercise and eat right - they're the only things that really work."


Enough said, I guess.


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Kelly Rowland's Weight Loss Secret: Pole Dancing And No Sugar!