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Kylie Minogue's Montignac Diet

Kylie Minogue's Montignac Diet


Kylie Minogue, the Australian pop icon and actress is paying extra attention to what she eats, ever since her breast cancer battle in 2005. She is now a follower of the Montignac diet.  And guess what... this petite framed singer at  43 is more stunning than ever! The Montignac diet was created by the Frenchman Michel Montignac whose aim was to help people to lose weight efficiently and lastingly, reduce risks of heart failure, and prevent diabetes. Let's take a look!


Kylie Minogue's Montignac Diet:

Kylie Minogue's diet a.k.a the Montignac diet is low in carbohydrates and rich in proteins and fat. The Montignac diet is based or rather extracted from the book that he wrote. In his book, he give many recipes and methods based on the French and Mediterranean style of cooking. This diet advises the dieter to never be hungry and asks the dieter to keep eating small meals throughout the day.


In this diet, the dieter is asked to stay away from carbohydrates with high Glycemic Index. This would include white bread, potatoes, yam, white pasta,  and every other simple carbohydrate. She is eats foods with low Glycemic Index ( 35 or less) and high in fiber such as;  whole wheat bread, veggies and fruits, durum wheat spaghetti, some varieties of rice, such as long-grain Basmati. This 98 pound singer uses artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in her day to day food consumption. She also has a higher protein intake, such as 1.3–1.5 grams per kg of body weight, coming from fish and legumes. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids are recommended while saturated fatty acids are to be limited. Montignac recommends olive oil and Omega-3 fatty acids coming from fish.


Final Word on Kylie Minogue's Montignac Diet:

Though this diet might have celebrity following like Kylie Minogue and several others but this diet tilts towards the costlier side as all the recommended foods are not easily found. And since, this diet is rich is protein and fat, it must not be followed by people with kidney diseases and high cholesterol. Besides, the Montignac's theory of weight loss is disputed by nutrition experts, who claim that any calorie intake that exceeds the amount that the body needs, will be converted into body fat. It might work out for Kylie Minogue but you might wanna watch out! Consult a certified nutritionist before going on any diet.


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Kylie Minogue's Montignac Diet