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Christina Aguilera Diet

Christina Aguilera Diet

There is nothing burlesque about the Christina Aguilera diet. It is in fact simple and sensible. Christina Aguilera, 31, is a multi Grammy award winning singer who is well known for her voluptuous curves. She did gain 30 pounds during her pregnancy but got back in shape in her own pace (read: 6 months). Christina Aguilera is a self confessed fitness enthusiast and she does her bit to stay in shape. So, let's take a look at Christina Aguilera's diet and fitness story.


The Christina Aguilera Diet: 

Christina Aguilera said that the word 'diet' is not in her vocabulary. She does not believe in depriving the body of anything. So she said, “I make healthy choices when I can, because it’s very important for me to have moments where I can let go, have a great dinner and not care so much about the carbs.” Christina Aguilera consumes about 1200 calories a day. But when she was breast-feeding, she had to eat 500 calories more extra nutrition. Her meals are laden with fruits, vegetables, lean meat and whole grain carbohydrates. She also has one day during the week on which she allows herself to cheat and have some of her favorite foods like the chili fries.


When it comes to her fitness, Christina Aguilera says that she is not a big fan of the gym but she works out anyway. “I work out five days a week - and I hate working out. But the aftermath is so great, and it helps you feel good - not only physically, but mentally," said the singer. Christina trains with Tee Sorge, a celebrity trainer. She spends 90 minutes in the gym everyday doing, 40 minutes of cardio, split into 2 or 3 time sections. Then Christina Aguilera does 40 minutes of various toning exercises like chest presses, bicep curls, squats, lunges, and other core exercises usually for 3 sets of 8 to12 reps.


Final Word on the Christina Aguilera Diet:   

It is like how I always tell in my posts for new mothers. Take it slowly and steadily. Eat healthy balanced meals. Remember that you are eating for two. Please consult your doctor before you make any modifications to your diet. And when you are at the gym, please train under supervision.


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Christina Aguilera Diet