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Lucy Liu Diet

Lucy Liu Diet

The Lucy Liu diet is not a Hollywood fad diet. It is just balanced, portion controlled eating. Lucy Alexis Liu, who became popular after her role as the vicious Ling Woo in Ally McBeal is not just good looking but fit, strong and flexible too. And if you have seen Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill, you would definitely agree to this. Is she naturally that way? Maybe, but she also works out to stay that way. Let's take a look at Lucy Liu's diet.


The Lucy Liu Diet Secrets:

Lucy Liu stated that she would not do any fancy, self-starvation Hollywood diet because it is disrespectful to all the starving children in the world. This Chinese-American actress grew up in Queens, NY in a middleclass neighborhood where her parents made her eat everything on the plate and took some ghastly measures to make her eat. Luc Liu said, "My father would hang a picture of an emaciated child on the kitchen door whenever we sat down to eat. It was a reminder that what we have we should really be grateful for. It makes you understand that there's other things outside of your life. I'm a really unfussy eater because of it."


Lucy Liu may be a non fussy eater but definitely knows to work it all out. She likes to work out in open air as she finds the gyms stuffy and smelly too. "I exercise as much as I can, at least half an hour a day, and drink tons of water. Walking is the best thing for you. When I'm at work, I walk on a treadmill for 40 minutes. But I prefer to do everything outdoors. I don't belong to a gym, because I don't like the recycled air," she said. Ever since she moved to Los Angeles, she has been in love with it. She finds the place clean and healthy. Lucy Liu said, "I love LA - it's awesome. You can go rock climbing, you can go hiking, you can go to the beach."


Final Word on the Lucy Liu Diet:

Lucy Liu is an unfussy eater. But this does not mean that she eats just about anything. This translates to her eating unfussy about healthy food options. And exercising in open air is a great way to unwind and also to burn the calories at the same time. So you know what to do now as Lucy Liu has shown the way. Good luck!


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Lucy Liu Diet