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Thandie Newton Diet and Fitness

Thandie Newton Diet and FitnessThe Thandie Newton diet deserves respect, because this actress was once bulimic, but now sticks to healthy balanced eating. Thandie Newton, 38, says that being a mother of two and an actress has indeed made her appreciate her life and her body better. Thandie Newton who starred in movies like W, Crash, For Colored Girls said that she feels triumphant after beating her eating disorder and finding that right balance. Let's take a look at her current diet and fitness plan.


Thandie Newton Diet and Fitness:



Thandie Newton said, “I don’t stick to any diets. I eat when I’m hungry.” she continued, “I eat healthily. I drink wine and have pastries, but I tend to buy organic produce.” She eats balanced meals that are healthy these days. She does have a huge sweet tooth, so she occasionally treats herself with pastries, pudding, croissants, and Danishes. Thandie Newton was in two emotionally abusive relationships in the past and she blames them for her bulimia. She advises women to come out of abusive relationships that ruin their health and self-esteem. Thandie Newton might be skinny (she has her mother's frame), but she vehemently opposes the Hollywood size zero thing. This English actress said that is a bad thing for a woman's self esteem.








When it comes to her fitness, Thandie Newton is a practitioner of Bikram Yoga. When asked why she thinks Bikram Yoga works so well, she said, “It’s because you sweat such a huge amount as the room is heated to a high temperature. And because your muscles stretch further in the heat, you end up getting rid of more toxins.” This Run, Fatboy, Run actress also loves horse-riding and walking. But she said, “I don’t want to exercise for the sake of it. I want it to be part of my life.” Way to go, Thandie!


Final Word on Thandie Newton Diet and Fitness:

Thandie Newton has come to make peace with her body. She said that over the years, her body weight has varied, but she also said that it doesn't change who she really is. Thandie Newton's fans must understand that she has a great metabolism, so even if she gorges on pastries, her body will burn it all out. So, don't gorge on pastries. Moderation is the key. Sign up for Bikram Yoga classes, if you can or just go do something that will help you break into a sweat. Good luck!


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Thandie Newton Diet And Fitness