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Sanaa Lathan Diet

Sanaa Lathan Diet

I Sanaa Lathan so much that I had to write about her diet and fitness. This American actress who starred in several box office winners like Alien vs. Predator, Something New and The Family That Preys, definitely tops the list of all the fit, stunning, and talented actresses who are in their forties. For Sanaa Lathan, being fit is a non-negotiable thing on her agenda. Let's find out all about Sanaa Lathan's diet and fitness plan!


Sanaa Lathan Diet

Sanaa Lathan never takes her health for granted. This Broadway actress said, “I have so much to be grateful for. First of all, my health.” Sanaa Lathan said that she was raised to be conscious of the effects of food on the body. So she said that she goes through phases of being vegan or she will try a raw-food cleanse. She also tries to stick to just 1200 calories a day to maintain that nice figure, but occasionally, does binge on her favorite foods. The word about town is that she is pregnant, and sources say that she is dutifully staying away from alcohol.


When it comes to her fitness, Sanaa Lathan said, “It’s my job to keep my body in shape too. But, I’m the kind of girl that gets bored easily so I go from thing to thing. Right now I’m doing Barry’s Boot Camp.” She also took a lot of pointers on fitness and nutrition from footballer Adewale Ogunleye whom was she dating. Apart from her regular visits to the gym where she does cardio and weight training, Sanaa Lathan also loves to hike. She said that she is an outdoorsy person who loves the fresh air. “I visit family and friends, spend time with my pets, and exercise. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to hike. Yes . . . I love to Hike!” said the Love & Basketball actress.


Final Word on the Sanaa Lathan Diet

What I understand from Sanaa Lathan's diet is that she is very conscious of what she is eating. She is very aware of what goes into her body, so somehow tries to balance it all out. Raw food cleans diets should not be done more than once in a month because these cleanse diets always have some weird side effects. Consult a doctor before going on a diet or just stick to portion controlled eating. Good luck!


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Sanaa Lathan Diet