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Gabrielle Union Diet

Gabrielle Union DietToday the Gabrielle Union diet is focus! Why? Gabrielle Union, 38, is one of those women in Hollywood who actually defy their age. She has a great body, and a fantastically lustrous skin to compliment it, making her look not a day older than 25. This American actress who acted in movies like Bring it On, Bad Boys II and Deliver Us From Eva definitely knows how to keep herself fit. So we need to know how she does it, don't we?!


Gabrielle Union Diet: 

Gabrielle Union claims that she has never been on any fad diets that plague Hollywood. She says that she has always been physically active and that has helped her to burn all the threatening calories. Her diet mantra is quite simple: portion control! Her favorite diet book is - The Portion Plan: How to Eat the Foods You Love and Still Lose Weight. She follows portion control for 6 days a week, and allows herself a cheat day on which she treats herself with some sweets or probably some other food of her choice. When she was shooting for Bad Boys II, she said, “Once I saw the wardrobe, (for Bad Boys II) I had to put the Krispy Kreme down and kind of get real with myself.”


Gabrielle Union has one of the most super toned arms in Hollywood along with the likes of Jennifer Garner and Sanaa Lathan. Of course she has a hot body too. She has been involved in soccer and basketball(that explains the arms) right from her school days. Gabrielle Union spends 2 hours in the gym, five days a week. She does various types of cardio exercises for 1 hours and for the remaining 1 hour she does a mixture of core exercises and weight training. She is also does Pilates on a regular basis.


Final Word on Gabrielle Union's Diet:

Gabrielle Union's diet and fitness plan goes on to prove that there is nothing that can beat sensible portion controlled eating and hard work at the gym. I will also vouch for Pilates classes because I speak from experience; it is the best and quickest way to get flat abs and a toned body. Sign up for some classes now...and..umm... stay away from Krispy Kreme while you are at it!


Mazel Tov!


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Gabrielle Union Diet