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The Diet Soda - Does It Help Lose Weight

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Diet Soda

Can diet soda affect weight?  I also wonder that thing. But somehow I found out from my research that diet soda cannot let you lose weight but it lets you gain weight. I myself was surprised upon knowing that. So here’s the thing, if you are in a best diet, don’t include diet soda in it. There are a lot of means in replacing diet soda. But before that, you have to understand why diet cola increases your weight instead of you losing it.

Diet soda is also known as, light soft drink or sugar free soda. It was proven that diet soda will not help in losing weight but it helps you gain it. The sweet taste that the diet sodas have has its ability to block the ability of your body to burn fat. Another is that, artificial sweeteners disables your satiety center (the feeling of fullness) thus making you hungry.  It is important to understand that it is not only by burning fat that you will lose weight but also by limiting your sugar intake. Why? Sugar is one main component in the release of Insulin in the pancreas. By the release of insulin, it will block your body from metabolizing or burning fat. Thus, when you have high intake of sugar, it will result in high fat because insulin prevents fat to be broken down. And by that you gain more weight.

Can diet cola affect weight? Yes, it does. It makes you gain weight. There are many alternative ways to lessen your sugar intake. Do not let yourself be tempted. Keeping in mind that you have to lose weight fast will really fight out those temptations. Take vegetables and fruits as an alternative food for sugar. It is healthy and it satisfies your hunger and you don’t have to worry on the weight gain. Can diet cola affect weight? Yes, it does


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The Diet Soda - Does It Help Lose Weight