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Jason Segel's Weight Loss Secret: A Very Embarrassing Photo!

Jason Segel's Weight Loss Secret: A Very Embarrassing Photo!Jason Segel's weight loss continues to be noticed by everyone as he makes one public appearance after another. Jason Segel, more popular as Marshall Erikesen from the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) was bordering on obesity by the end of the 6th season of HIMYM before he shed the pounds. But did you know what was Jason Segel's weight loss secret? A very embarrassing photo! Yes! Let's check out the scoop.


Jason Segel revealed his weight loss secret in an interview with David Letterman in The Late Show. He said that he was in New Orleans shooting. Now New Orleans is famous for its soul food, which is generally fattening. Jason Segel said that he took advantage of that and feasted on the best food and drank the best booze. Before he could realize he weighed a massive 245 pounds.


Jason Segel had given a spare key of his hotel room to his assistant, so that she could come in and wake him up, in case he overslept. On that particular day, his assistant comes in to see a passed out Jason Segel covered with wrappers from Taco Bell and exposing his former jelly-belly. So she took a picture of him to show how rotund he has become.Jason Segel's Very Embarrassing Photo!


"Honest to God, Jason, this looks like a crime scene," Letterman said looking at that framed photo. But in hindsight, Jason Segel is very thankful that his assistant took that photograph. Jason Segel has cut down his junk food consumption, and has shed 30 pounds after that photograph was hung in his wall of shame.


Jason Segel is continuing to drop the pounds and I wonder if he has any set target in mind. Hopefully, he would share his weight loss journey with the world.


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Jason Segel's Weight Loss Secret: A Very Embarrassing Photo!