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American Idol Jordin Sparks Weight-loss Diet

American Idol Jordin Sparks Weight-loss DietAmerican Idol Jordin Sparks weight-loss diet is now creating quite a few sparks. This talented 21 year, Grammy award nominee has shed 30 pounds over 4 months. She has also shrunk a couple of dress sizes; she is now a Size 8, coming down from a Size 14. Jordin Sparks, at the time of American Idol in 2007 was very conscious even to wear a sleeveless, but now she flaunts it all in a bikini shoot. Good for her. Let's take a look at Jordin Sparks' weight loss journey.


American Idol Jordin Sparks Weight-loss Diet:

According to Jordin Sparks, everything in Hollywood is 'smaller-than-life'. "Hollywood large is so different than real-life large. Everyone was so much smaller than me. I looked massive next to Ryan Seacrest!” she said. She had to take her health a bit seriously when she fell sick with pneumonia right before her 21st birthday. That is when she started with portion control. So even if her mother makes her famous sweet potato casserole, Jordin Sparks now takes just 1 serving instead or 2 servings as she did before. She also started adding more vegetables into her diet and minimized her carbohydrate consumption.Jordin Sparks


"I fill up on vegetables before bread so there's no room for it on my plate. When I make chicken Alfredo, I have my little portion and ask everyone to take seconds to get it out of the house," Jodin Sparks said. However, to satisfy her sweet cravings, she eats two bite-size Toblerone pieces. And she also said,"if I'm feeling really good, I have some Malibu rum and pineapple juice—but only on a day without a performance!"


Jordin Sparks owes a lot to Zumba classes as it helped her lose weight. She attends Zumba classes 5 days a week and each session would be for an hour. She also does 30 minutes of high-impact cardio exercises before attending Zumba classes. If she is not doing the both, she goes out on hikes.

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Final Word on American Idol Jordin Sparks Weight-loss Diet:

Well, Jordin Sparks is definitely gonna keep 'em curves but she is gonna be eating healthier. She said, "I feel good! I love that I still have my curves. I definitely didn't want to lose those. I don't want to lose more weight. I just want to tone. I'm in a really good place now." As for the rest of you ladies, time to enroll in some Zumba classes, or pack your bags and go hiking.


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American Idol Jordin Sparks Weight-loss Diet