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Zoe Saldana's Colombiana Diet And Workout

Zoe Saldana's Colombiana DietZoe Saldana's Colombiana diet and workout has inspired many women to hit the gym more regularly these days. Colombiana might just be the biggest action thriller with a woman in the lead role this year; starring the beautifully shaped Zoe Saldana. What really impressed me about her in the movie was that she appears much more toned than how she already is. I have done the Zoe Saldana diet before and trust me me when I say this; her body is kickass!


In the movie, the super fit Zoe Saldana plays the role of Cataleya Restrepo, an assassin who is on a blood-lust to avenge the death of her family. This 33 year old actress has always remained on the fitter side of the weighing scale, but she had to undergo some special training (read:fight training) do a very convincing role in the movie. She also trained with Steve Moyer, a celebrity fitness trainer with whom she has been working with since 2009.


Both Steve Moyer and Zoe Saldana wanted to maintain her athletic build as it is in the film and the worked around it. Moyer ensured that the training would keep her injury free too. “I give her a lot of credit – she knows how to eat healthy for herself,” Moyer said of Saldana. “I give her the tips and suggestions when she wants them.” Zoe Saldana, like I have written before really does have healthy eating habits.


So according to Steve Moyer, this is what you should be doing at the gym if you are looking at toning up like Lady Colombiana: Warm up in the gym on an elliptical machine or treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes. Do squats with an exercise ball and resistance band for 12 to15 controlled reps. Do cable push-pull exercises which tone your entire body for 10 minutes. Then do the plank push-ups, walking lunges, ball hams with an exercise ball for 15 minutes. You can mix them up any order. Cool down with some stretching and some walking on the treadmill or elliptical.


Steve Moyer also stressed that it is important to have a good nutrition while trying to get in shape. “Exercise is a big part, and so is nutrition. What’s often overlooked is balance,” he said.


Good luck, go ahead and give Zoe Saldana's Colombiana diet and workout a shot. And if you haven't watched Colombiana yet, book your tickets now.


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Zoe Saldana's Colombiana Diet And Workout