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Marcia Cross Diet

Celebrity Diet - Marcia CrossMarcia Cross is definitely not on the baby food diet. She has completely dissed out that rumor in many interviews. Marcia Cross is synonymous with the character that she plays in Desperate Housewives; Bree Van de Camp. This 49 year old gorgeous red is in a good place right now juggling between a successful television career, her twin daughters and her husband. Marcia Cross used to suffer from chronic bouts of migraine, so she had to make some effective changes in her diet and fitness. After her twins, her fitness regimen has also gone for some significant changes. Let's take a look.


The Marcia Cross Diet

It is true that Marcia Cross has never been on the heavier side her entire life but she has always been a conscious eater. She had to cut down migraine triggering foods to minimize the bouts. “Chocolate is a big trigger(migraine) food, and I don’t know if there is any substitute for chocolate,” she said. “I can have jelly beans or carrot cake instead,” confessed Marcia Cross as she had to resort to other alternatives. Her diet usually consists of lean proteins with lots of fruits and vegetables. And she stays away from cheddar cheese, oranges and red wine.


And to lose that pregnancy weight of 50 pounds, Marcia Cross resorted to BravaBody, a fitness website that dispenses health and fitness advise to women over the age of 50.  BravaBody focuses on nutrition and the slowing metabolism of aging women. “But, I am still going to the gym too, just a little less. I wasn’t doing Pilates before I was pregnant. I added that because it’s a good exercise to do now. You definitely have to concentrate when you’re doing it, so it’s a great focus.” Marcia Cross continued, “I just started taking yoga(Iyengar Yoga) classes near my house, I think it makes sense to stay physically active and keep your body strong. I can’t imagine just laying around anyway!” So that is how this lady stays in shape.


Final Word on the Marcia Cross Diet

There is a lesson for all the women who are flirting with the big Five-O in the Marcia Cross diet. The lesson is to be more physically active and have more metabolism boosting foods if possible. And if you are a newly nursing mother, please consult your doctor before embarking any weight loss journey. Good luck.



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Marcia Cross Diet