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Sara Rue Diet

Celebrity Diet - Sara RueThe Sara Rue diet has become quite the sensation in Hollywood town. Why? This 32 year old 'Less Than Perfect' actress lost a whopping 50 pounds! She is not some actress who gained some weight in between; she has always been that 'chubby kid' who was constantly picked on in school. Sara Rue said that there has never been a moment in her life when she was not aware of how heavy she was. After failing at many diets, Sara Rue gave the 'driver seat' to the experts to help her lose the weight. And boy, did it work! Let's take a look at her diet and more.


The Sara Rue Diet

Sara Rue signed up on the Jenny Craig diet program after almost losing all hopes on weight loss. The Jenny Craig diet is door delivery meals program that relies on portion control and fresh food. After the consultation with the nutrition consultant at any one of the Jenny Craig centers, the dieter will be provided with a low calorie diet plan based on the dieter's body type and weight loss goals. According to the instruction from the nutrition consultant, dieters have to buy the pre-packaged meals from Jenny Craig. Sara Rue was put on 1200 calories a day diet for about 8 months, but she was allowed to eat a few special treats on some occasions.


Was it just the diet that helped Sara Rue to lose all that weight? Well, the diet did help boost her metabolism but this 'Popular' actress took up running. Six months prior to her weight loss journey, she never thought that she would even be able to run a mile. But as the days progressed, she can now run half marathons. That is run for 2 1/2 hours without stopping. She has also recently found a liking towards Yoga though details are not available. “After practicing (yoga) I always have a bounce in my step, and I feel like I’m standing up straighter.” “I feel more awake and stronger – and it helps me de-stress,” she said.


Final Word on the Sara Rue Diet

"I'm a different person on the inside and on the outside,I didn't do it overnight, but I genuinely feel if I can do it, anyone can do it,” were the exact words of the "Eastwick" actress. Need I say more? Nay!


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Sara Rue Diet