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Michael Jackson's Favorite Foods

Michael Jackson's Favorite Foods

Ok, do we have a list of Michael Jackson's favorite food? Yes Sir, we do! During the time when Michael Jackson was living a rather normal life, his favorite foods reflected that. If you look at the list of his favorite foods, it has a childlike charm to it. Were they healthy? Not all of them. But they were more of comfort foods and you'll see what I mean.


Kentucky Fried Chicken: 

Yes, Michael Jackson liked the Kentucky Fried Chicken (original recipe). Finger licking good! This is a classic American fast food that is now available worldwide.


Michael Jackson's Favorite FoodsMexican Food:

The specifics of this are not known. But I am guessing that he would have loved spicy salsas, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, and tortillas. Besides, he had a private chef cooking Mexican food for him and his children over the weekends.


Spicy Vegetarian Food:

During the later part of his life, Michael Jackson became a vegetarian. He also had a predilection towards Indian food. He loved aloo paratha, naans, and buttery gravies.


Michael Jackson's Favorite FoodsSushi:

Our man loved Sushi. He had his chef prepare sushi dishes on multiple days of the week. But this was during the time when he was not under such heavy medication.


Junk Food:

He loved a lot of them. Michael Jackson's favorite junk foods included pizza, popcorn, cookies, ice cream, glazed doughnuts and M&Ms.Michael Jackson's Favorite Foods


Fresh Fruits, Juices and Seeds:

Michael Jackson always loved to have fresh fruits along with his meals. He also drank orange and carrot juices and they were his favorites. He also liked to munch on sunflower seeds.


Ok, you and I love Michael Jackson. But that is no excuse to eat all of Michael Jackson's favorite foods, especially the junk food. Eat that in moderation and hit the gym regularly. You don't expect to look sexy while doing the moonwalk with a beer belly, do you? So beat it!


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Michael Jackson's Favorite Foods