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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Asparagus Soup

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Tips to make low fat asparagus soupLow fat asparagus soup is a perfect appetizer that can be enjoyed during the spring months with fresh bread. You can prepare healthy versions of this soup easily at home, if you know the ingredients that can make your soup healthy and tasty. Given below are some tips to help you prepare asparagus soup with low fat that is simply sizzling and perfect for all craving taste buds.


Olive oil:

Asparagus itself is a low calorie; low sodium shoot, being used since decades. It has a delicate flavor and by replacing butter, you can make it a perfect healthy option for people who are health conscious. Butter is high on calories therefore you can use olive oil in place of butter. Olive oil protects the digestive tract, essential for maintaining good health. Moreover, olive oil is rich in monosaturated fat and does not cause weight gain, thus making it ideal even for diabetics. Margarine can also be used in place of butter to make asparagus soup low fat.


Use of Leek:

Leek is considered to be a good source of dietary fiber. It also contains adequate amount of vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid. Leek makes your soup tasty and it also helps in reducing bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol level in the body.


Low fat broth:

You can use vegetable broth or low fat, low sodium chicken broth to prepare asparagus soup. Low fat, low sodium broth can be prepared easily by removing the skin and extra fat.


Replace sour cream:

You can replace normal sour cream in the soup with a fat free one prepared of skim milk. If you insist on buying sour cream from the supermarket, never forget to read the label to ensure that it is fat free. Yogurt is also a healthy substitute for sour cream.

Enjoy low fat asparagus soup whenever you feel hungry and enjoy the benefits of having healthy food.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Asparagus Soup