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Cabbage Soup Diet- 7 Days of Work

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Cabbage SoupThe Cabbage Soup Diet is known for its efficiency in losing weight fast and it is just only a 7-day diet plan which does not require a long time commitment. Want to lose more weight fast? Then have cabbage soup whenever you feel hungry! The more cabbage soup you take the better. Cheating is unacceptable!


The 7-day free diet plans has no suggestions about exercise and no recommendation on altering bad habits and instead, simply a list of the foods to be eaten each day is prepared and need to be eaten at home because the foods won’t be found on most restaurant menus.


  • Day One


Eat all the fruits you want aside from bananas and you can also eat cabbage soup as much as you want. Drink unsweetened tea or water throughout the day. Otherwise, cranberry juice and black coffee were also allowed.


  • Day Two


Have all fresh vegetables that you want along with your soup except for beans, peas, or corn. You can have your vegetables raw or cooked. You can have a big baked potato with butter during dinner but are off-limits on other days. Fruits are forbidden during the day.


  • Day Three


You can eat all fruits and vegetables that you want with your soup but no baked potato.


  • Day Four


This day aims to reduce your craving for sweets. You can drink skim milk as many as you want and you can eat eight bananas all day long. Your cabbage soup must be eaten together with it.


  • Day Five


You may take 10-20 ounces of beef, chicken, or fish and up to 6 garden-fresh tomatoes and eat your cabbage soup at least once this day. But for chicken, do not involve the skin. Water is essential to wash out impurities in your body and you must drink 6-8 glasses this day.


  • Day Six


Eat your cabbage soup once this day. You can eat as much as three steaks if you like with leafy green vegetables but no baked potato.


  • Day Seven


Have brown rice as much as you want together with vegetables. You can have unsweetened fruit juices as well. Make certain that you eat your cabbage soup once this day at least.


How the Diet Works


On the process of the diet, you are recommended to eat your cabbage soup as much as you want and drink as much water as you want. Other foods are involved but their consumption is to be controlled. Also, calorie intake is restricted which performs the trick on losing weight. But due to the very low calorie intake that the diet suggests, dieters are usually advised to limit the time they stay on the diet and are recommended to wait for about 2 or up to 3 weeks before commencing another week on this very low calorie diet even if they have lots of weight to lose. The diet also recommends the intake of 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. However, eating cabbage soup only is not recommended as it can only result to malnourishment. The diet can result to weight loss that is mainly water and not the fat and will return once the dieter resumes eating normally.




Even if the Cabbage Diet Soup is easy to follow, dieters are requested to consult a doctor before following the 7-day meal plan. The diet plan is a quick fix diet to lose weight quickly but it is not a long term solution on having a healthy eating plan. The bottom line is that, you should keep looking for alternatives on losing weight and keeping it off by having a balanced diet and exercise habits because it is still the most effective and healthy way of losing weight.

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Cabbage Soup Diet- 7 Days Of Work