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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Mushroom Soup

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Tips to make low fat mushroom soupMushroom soup makes a healthy lunch or dinner item – a low fat mushroom soup packed with the flavors is a must during special occasions and festivals. You can prepare a creamy, yet fat free soup quickly and easily at home that provides the essential nutrition, not the fat. Checkout for some tips for making low fat soup with mushroom that will make you forget, that the soup is fat free not the normal ones.


Eliminate butter:

Butter is rich in calorie, so you can eliminate butter and use margarine or low fat butter. Olive oil is also a great alternative while preparing mushroom soup. Vegetable oil, are processed into spreadable butter in margarine, thus they have a mild flavor. Moreover in the process of preparing low fat butter, hydrogenation converts some unsaturated fats to saturated fats and makes it a healthier option for people who are diet conscious.


Use of low fat milk:

Skimmed milk or low fat milk is not simply milk, but they are healthier alternative with the fat removed. Skimmed milk has more calcium content than whole milk and is also considered as a beneficial dietary source containing anti cancer vitamins.Use of low fat milk in mushroom soup


Use of herbs:

Herbs like thyme can make your low fat soup tasty and also add nutritional benefits to it. Most herbs are rich antioxidant and help in eliminating toxins from your body which is essential to remain healthy and fit.


Use lemon juice and black pepper:

Black pepper makes your soup spicy and lemon adds a savory tinge to the soup. Lemon juice helps in eliminating toxins whereas presence of black pepper in the soup helps you shed weight and remain healthy.

Prepare low fat mushroom soup with the above tips at home and enjoy a bowl full of healthy appetizer whenever you feel like.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Mushroom Soup