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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Carrot Soup

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Low fat carrot soup is liked by everyone because of its taste, rich color and pleasing look. You can prepare the soup easily at home with some change in the ingredients, so that it does not add to your weight. It is also considered to be the most healthiest and filling soup full of nutritional benefits of carrots. Here are some easy ideas for you to make carrot soup at home with a low amount of fat.


Use of herbs:

Use of celery makes carrot soup rich in taste and it also adds no calorie to the soup. Celery is considered beneficial in treating several health problems which includes stomach illness, any kind of disease in urinary bladder and mainly obesity. Cilantro adds a distinct aroma to your low fat soup. It is a powerful herb that helps in eliminating harmful substance out of the body and stimulates digestion.


Replace whole milk:

You can replace whole milk with skim milk, as it contains very little fat in comparison to the whole milk and can make your soup healthy and exotic. Skim milk is also a great way of consuming calcium essential for healthy bones and also supports your weight loss efforts.


Saffron Garnish:

Saffron adds color and flavor to the soup with no extra calories.  It eliminates craving for food, which is very important for maintaining healthy physique. Nutrition researchers have found that regular consumption of saffron reduces  depression, which is the main reason of weight gain.Carrot soup made fat free


Eliminate cream:

Cream makes soup thick, but you may replace it with either yogurt or low fat cream. Low fat cream can be bought easily from the market but before you buy look if the cream is prepared of skim milk or not.


Try the tips and enjoy low fat carrot soup with fewer calories and plentiful of nutrition for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Carrot Soup